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september podcast: feel the vibration, with panache desai
How can you become a catalyst for your own vibrational transformation? In this edition of Kripalu Perspectives, spiritual teacher Panache Desai defines vibrational transformation, and explains why we're all infinite beings with infinite possibilities.

September 2012 podcast: Feel the Vibration (listen now, download the mp3, or subscribe via iTunes or RSS feed).

Panache Desai teaches at Kripalu October 5–8.

living well with parkinson’s
Learn and experience valuable approaches to living with, or caring for, people with Parkinson’s disease, in a community of others facing the same challenges. This unique program with leading medical and holistic professionals, developed in collaboration with the National Parkinson Foundation, gives you the tools to take charge of your health.

Find out more about A Wellness Retreat for People Recently Diagnosed with Parkinson’s and Their Care Partners, October 29–November 2.

guest words
Kripalu is a perfect place to reconnect to spirit in and around you—a great place to refill on the road of life.
—Eddi B., naturopath, Portugal Center, Newfoundland, Canada
making an impact:
sangha for seniors
Four years ago, a Teaching for Diversity grant from Kripalu allowed Terri Young to launch a yoga class for seniors in her hometown of Poland Springs, Maine. With members ranging in age from 65 to 85, the class has continued to support her students through the varied experiences of later life.

Read Terri’s first-person story.

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A new season is anxiously waiting in the wings to make its grand debut—are you also ready to shine? In this issue of Kripalu Compass, you can discover plenty of ways to rise into fall. Check in with your body—how’s it doing these days? This month’s feature, an excerpt from positional therapist Lee Albert’s new guidebook, offers tips on how to live a pain-free life. Is your spirit ready to soar? Our Kripalu Perspectives podcast with Panache Desai explores ways to tap into the vibrations of infinite possibilities. Throw in some hearty soup recipes; the latest calendar; and a thought-provoking essay, and you’ve got something to satisfy all the senses.
live pain-free without drugs or surgery
by Lee Albert

If you suffer from chronic pain, you may simply need to learn how to sit properly. According to Lee Albert, a neuromuscular therapist at Kripalu and developer of Integrated Positional Therapy, most of us have similar muscular imbalances due to the similar activities we perform each day. In this excerpt from Lee’s new guidebook, Living Pain-Free Without Drugs or Surgery: How to Use Integrated Positional Therapy to Eliminate Chronic Pain, he offers clear instructions on how to alleviate pain by making a few simple adjustments to the way you sit at your desk, in your car, and everywhere else.

In my 25 years of helping people, I have identified three activities that almost everybody does and which cause 50–60% of all the pain I treat. These activities are: sitting in a chair, sitting in a car and sitting at a computer. It is not the computer or the chair or the car causing the pain but the way you are using those instruments. If you just do these three things a little differently, half of your pain can be eliminated.

Read more.

Lee Albert, NMT, is a national presenter and neuromuscular therapist and yoga instructor at Kripalu. Lee created, practices, and teaches Integrated Positional Therapy—protocols that reduce and often eliminate chronic pain. Lee is trained in neuromuscular therapy, orthopedic massage, positional therapy, yoga therapy, and myofascial release.

Find out about upcoming programs with Lee Albert.

turning point:
q&a with amy weintraub
Yoga didn’t just make Amy Weintraub happier—she believes it saved her life.

Read more.

Amy Weintraub teaches at Kripalu November 9–11: Healing from Depression: Unstuck with LifeForce Yoga.

a map of the world,
by chris mccann
I’ve crisscrossed the United States a number of times on interstates and country roads, traveled to nearly 80 countries, and stood atop the sea ice at the North Pole. When I was in the sticky heat of Madagascar, I dreamt of the glacial lakes of Iceland. The endless forests of Siberia made me long for the serrated skyline of New York. Wherever I was, I was always also somewhere else.

Read more.

healthy living recipes
As the season turns and the nights grow cooler, it’s time to trade the gazpacho for warm and hearty soups. These two veggie-packed options contain only nine ingredients each—making them easy to make as well as comforting and delicious!

Healthy Living Recipes: September Soups
Berkshire Butternut Soup
Barley Mushroom Soup

spreading the word…
The Compassionate Brain Online Video Series
Beginning October 8, Rick Hanson, PhD, author of Buddha’s Brain and the audio learning programs Meditations to Change Your Brain and The Enlightened Brain, hosts a free online video series in partnership with Sounds True. “The Compassionate Brain,” a 7-week series presented on Monday evenings, covers topics such as how to prime the brain for empathy and kindness; balancing compassion and assertiveness; and gender differences in compassion. Presenters include Daniel Siegel, Tara Brach, and Jean Houston.

Learn more about The Compassionate Brain online video series.

The Great Work of Your Life
In his new book, Stephen Cope, Director of Kripalu’s Institute for Extraordinary Living, uses the 2,000-year-old spiritual text called the Bhagavad Gita as a means for understanding the quest to discover your deepest purpose in life. The Great Work of Your Life: A Guide for the Journey to Your True Calling uses the lives of Jane Goodall, Harriet Tubman, Walt Whitman, John Keats, and others to illustrate the central principles of this ancient allegorical tale.

Order your copy of The Great Work of Your Life.

quote of the month
Love is the seed, surrender the bud, and service the fruit. When love itself is lacking, there cannot be any true surrender or service. Serve with a full heart. By making others happy, you make yourself happy.
—Swami Kripalu
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