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sation at Thrive, the Kripalu blog. Start off the new year with a dose of Vitamin G for Gratitude—try instituting gratitude practices into your life as you kick off 2013, and let us know how it goes!
january podcast:
de-sugaring the american breakfast, with lisa b. nelson
In this month’s podcast, Lisa B. Nelson, MD, Director of Medical Education for Kripalu Healthy Living programs, delivers some not-so-sweet news about the amount of sugar in the average American breakfast. Happily, she also offers sound nutritional options that can help get your day off to a healthy start.

January 2013 podcast: De-Sugaring the American Breakfast (listen now, download as an mp3, or subscribe via iTunes or RSS feed).

making an impact:
nyacko perry
Having lived the majority of her life below the poverty line, Nyacko Perry developed a personal mission that is very much aligned with Kripalu: to bring yoga to people who don’t easily have access to it. With the help of a Kripalu scholarship, she’s doing just that.

Read Nyacko’s story.

Find out more about the Kripalu Scholarship Program and our other mission-driven initiatives.

guest words
I had a lovely feeling of happiness as I caught my first glimpse of Kripalu … This is a place where I feel safe, accepted, and fully alive.
—Lynn S., Montreal, Canada
an integrative approach to nutrition
Transform your understanding of the art and science of nutrition. This deeply holistic program, grounded in evidence-based research, is ideal for physicians, nurses, nutritionists, registered dietitians, and other health-care professionals who want to explore the latest integrative whole-foods approaches to therapeutic nutrition.

Find out more about the Nutrition Intensive for Health Professionals, April 7–12.

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Happy New Year! Now that you’ve survived the hectic holiday season, it’s time to take a deep breath and look ahead at what’s to come. What do you want to get out of this new year? If warmth and health are on your list, be sure to read Jonathan Ambar’s feature article on Ayurvedic techniques for keeping winter’s chill at bay. This month’s podcast will give you a new perspective on breakfast—and speaking of both breakfast and warmth, how do Poached Eggs with Chorizo Spinach sound? January is also a great time for cleaning house (why wait till spring?), and Brian Leaf’s essay will inspire you to sweep the cobwebs away—in your house and in your life!
bundle up with ayurveda:
time-honored techniques to thaw winter’s chill
Winter brings the festive sparkle of the holidays; fresh, snowy vistas; exhilarating outdoor sports … and, for many people, lethargy, dry skin, and runny noses. How can we keep up our spirits—and our health—when it’s so easy to let Old Man Winter bring us down? Ayurveda, the holistic-health system that originated in India thousands of years ago, offers a self-care tool kit that can provide just the boost you need. We spoke with Hilary Garivaltis, Dean of the Kripalu School of Ayurveda, and Larissa Hall Carlson, Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher, to get their perspective on how this ancient healing modality offers practical ways to keep warm during the cold months.

Read more.

Find out about upcoming programs with Hilary Garivaltis and Larissa Hall Carlson.

turning point: q&a with ann randolph
When Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft showed up at writer/performer Ann Randolph’s solo show, it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. In this month’s Turning Point interview, Ann Randolph shares what happened next.

Read the interview.

Don’t miss Ann Randolph at Kripalu: Sharing Your Life Story: From the Page to the Stage, February 22–24.

say yes to reality!, by brian leaf
One morning, as I was meditating, I realized that I needed to write a book. But I had the distinct feeling that, before I could get started, I had to clean my office. By myself. Not hire a cleaner, but get down and scrub.

So I cleaned. I braved the spiderwebs. I filed piles of papers and recycled phone books from 1997. I inhaled dust in my quest to realize this calling.

Read more.

healthy living recipes
This month, Kripalu Executive Chef Deb Morgan punches up a classic poached-egg dish by adding a few unexpected twists. And Kripalu Healthy Living Nutritionist John Bagnulo, PhD, MPH, explains why poached eggs are one of his five superfoods.

Healthy Living Recipe of the Month
Poached Eggs with Chorizo Spinach

spreading the word…
May Cause Miracles
Kripalu invited presenter Gabrielle Bernstein believes that simple, consistent shifts in our thinking and actions can lead to the miraculous in all aspects of our daily lives, including our relationships, finances, bodies, and self-image. In her new book, May Cause Miracles: A 40-Day Guidebook of Subtle Shifts for Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness, Gabrielle offers a plan for releasing fear and inviting gratitude, forgiveness, and love into our lives.

Read an excerpt from May Cause Miracles, by Gabrielle Bernstein.

Caribbean Yoga Conference 2013
Kripalu faculty members Coby Kozlowski and Toni Bergins are among the presenters at the Caribbean Yoga Conference, January 31–February 3, in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The conference is presented by Bella Luna Yoga, founded in 2009 by Kripalu Yoga teacher Kimberly Moon.

Check out the Caribbean Yoga Conference.

Take a Yoga Retreat on Facebook
In Yoga Retreat, a social game created for Facebook by Gajatri Studios, players build their own resort for well-being on a tropical island. As they advance through the game, players practice and teach actual yoga postures and techniques, curing their digital customers’ ailments and completing quests to collect virtual currency. Players can share items and visit “Friends” at their retreats.

Watch a trailer for Yoga Retreat.

quote of the month
It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.
—Henry David Thoreau
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