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outside our walls: A world traveler finds adventure on the path of yoga
Katie Hagel traveled and studied in China and India before discovering Kripalu right in her backyard. After earning her Kripalu Yoga teacher certification, she returned to Asia to put her newfound skills to work guiding others in their own adventures.

Read Katie’s story.

yoga for recovery from addiction
Yoga offers practices that directly address the range of issues caused by addiction. Designed for people in recovery, family members, seekers, and healing professionals, the Yoga, Meditation, and Recovery Conference at Kripalu, May 12–17, is guided by five leaders from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Find out more about the Yoga, Meditation, and Recovery Conference, May 12–17 at Kripalu.

guest words
Coming to Kripalu helped me feel a part of the world again.
—Laurel M., Dudley, Massachusetts
the kripalu volunteer program
Ready to change your life—in a big way? Kripalu volunteers are challenged to grow in dynamic new ways while living in community, practicing yoga both on and off the mat, and serving in departments throughout the organization. The Volunteer Program is now accepting applications for six-month positions beginning in September (deadline is May 31).

Find out more about the Kripalu Volunteer Program.

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Kripalu offers half a million dollars in scholarships each year in order to make transformational experiences possible for everyone, regardless of financial status.

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Enjoy the beauty of the Berkshires every day with Kripalu’s desktop wallpaper.

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We’re March-ing ahead in this issue of Kripalu Compass with inspiring content aimed at fostering new perspectives. Know of a man—or are one yourself—who thinks yoga is for sissies? In our feature story, four male yoga teachers offer their unique insights on five common assumptions about yoga and men. Speaking of insights: In the latest Outside Our Walls, Kripalu Yoga teacher Katie Hagel talks about how the tools she honed at Kripalu help her navigate her world travels, and Donna Eden and Cheryl Kain discuss seminal moments in their lives that helped them overcome great obstacles. All this, and Almond Date Balls, too!
five myths (some) men believe about yoga
by Tresca Weinstein

The first time Sam Chase went to a yoga class, he hated it. Growing up as a bookworm who suffered from asthma, he thought of his body as little more than a vehicle for his brain. In his twenties, he decided he finally wanted to get fit—and his first goal was to touch his toes. Since he’d never been athletic, Sam figured that yoga was an easy place to start.

It didn’t turn out that way. Read more.

turning point: q&a with donna eden
Her doctors told her she had only a few years to live, but Donna Eden was determined to see her daughters grow up. To heal the damage wrought on her body by multiple sclerosis, she devised the energy medicine techniques that have become the basis of her life’s work.

Read the interview.

letters to my mama: a daughter’s odyssey through the first year of mourning, by cheryl kain
On August 13, 2009, my adoptive mother, Elaine Windrum Kain, who was, to me, my one and only mom, passed away. She was my best friend, go-to movie date, confidante, and companion extraordinaire. Elaine Kain was always game!

Read more.

healthy living recipes
This month, Kripalu Executive Chef Deb Morgan offers a traditional Indian recipe for a little something sweet. Healthy Living faculty member John Bagnulo, PhD, explains why it’s a treat for the digestive system as well.

Healthy Living Recipe of the Month
Almond Date Balls

spreading the word…
Distance Learning at Wellcast Academy
Wellcast Academy is a new website that partners with top wellness experts—including nutritionists, doctors, yoga and Pilates instructors, and bodyworkers—to create short, engaging free videos aimed at improving your health and amping up your fitness.

Visit the academy.

Kripalu teachers to present at Yoga Journal Conference New York
Experience some of our top yoga and Ayurveda teachers—Larissa Hall Carlson, Hilary Garivaltis, and Jovinna Chan—at Yoga Journal Conference New York, April 4–8.

Find out more.

quote of the month
It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.
—Charles Dickens
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