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outside our walls: yoga for girls in south africa
When it comes to empowering young women in South Africa, Kripalu Yoga teacher Alex Singer is in it to win it.

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We’ve extended the registration deadline to May 10 for our exclusive 11-month Certificate in Positive Psychology program with Tal Ben-Shahar. Learn how to cultivate happiness, strengths, self-esteem, and optimism.

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Ready to revitalize your fitness routine—while incorporating yoga and mindfulness into your experience? Come learn cutting-edge approaches to fitness and nutrition, with time built in for relaxation and retreat.

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I’ll never forget the sense of elation I found at Kripalu or what it was like to be around people focused on wellness and serenity. I’m grateful I had the chance to take a break from my life and just be with myself.
—John W., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Kripalu’s Leadership and Education Program for Students in Integrative Medicine (LEAPS) teaches the physicians of the future how to care for themselves while caring for others.

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fine-tune your yoga: kripalu yoga posture clinics
Learn simple tips to make your postures soar with Kripalu School of Yoga faculty members Devarshi Steven Hartman and Jovinna Chan. This month, we focus on Cat/Cow pose.

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The fact that spring is finally here can—or “May” rather?—be considered a miracle by many of us who endured an especially tight-gripped winter. As the buds open to reveal a fragrant new month, we too have a chance to blossom in all areas of our lives. In this issue of Kripalu Compass, Gabrielle Bernstein shares fresh ways to ignite inspiration in an excerpt from her latest book, May Cause Miracles. Meanwhile, in the Outside Our Walls feature, Kripalu Yoga teacher Alex Singer’s work empowering young women in South Africa will make you believe that anything is possible. Want to feel more embodied? Try a yoga break from Kripalu Yoga teacher trainers Devarshi Stephen Hartman and Jovinna Chan. Afterward, feel free to step outside, take some deep breaths, and enjoy a cup of Kripalu Chai, this month’s recipe. May causes miracles indeed!
how to live a miraculous life
by Gabrielle Bernstein

In this excerpt from her new book, May Cause Miracles, Gabrielle Bernstein discusses the key components to living a miraculous life, talks about how to ignite your ~ing—your inspiration and intuition—and explains what a miracle really means.

You may have read the title of this article and thought, “Man, that sounds groovy—but it’s nothing but a pipe dream.” Many of us long for a life of happiness, balance and peace, but we don’t believe we can have it. But the great paradox is that our lack of faith in love and miracles is what blocks us from receiving love and miracles. Many of us have more faith in fear than we do in love and miracles.

Read more.

Don’t miss Gabrielle Bernstein at Kripalu: May Cause Miracles, June 28–30.

turning point: q&a with lara tupper
For author and teacher Lara Tupper, the Kripalu Volunteer Program was the catalyst that opened a new chapter in her life and writing.

Read the interview.

Don’t miss Lara Tupper at Kripalu: Word Walks, June 16–20.

weaving a life, by danna faulds
For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to weave. I made dozens of potholders as a kid, weaving colored loops of fabric on a small, square, metal frame someone gave me as a gift. Those potholders sparked an abiding interest.

Read more.

healthy living recipes
Served hot or chilled, masala chai (spiced tea) is a favorite at Kripalu. Learn how to make it at home, and find out why the 2009 swine flu outbreak drove up the price of star anise, one of the spices traditionally used in chai.

Healthy Living Recipe of the Month
Kripalu Chai

spreading the word…
Wanderlust Vermont
This year’s Wanderlust Vermont festival, June 20–23 in Bondville, features a lineup of more than 100 music and yoga presenters, including a host of Kripalu teachers.

Browse classes and events at Wanderlust Vermont.

IAYT’s Symposiums on Yoga Therapy and Research
The International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) presents its annual Symposium on Yoga Research, June 11–13, and Symposium on Yoga Therapy and Research, June 13–16, both in Boston.

Find out more.

quote of the month
Be like a flower and turn your face to the sun.
—Kahlil Gibran
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