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june podcast: yoga for your spiritual muscles, with rachel schaeffer
Looking for a workout from the inside out? In this month’s podcast, Rachel Schaeffer, a Kripalu Yoga teacher and author of Yoga for Your Spiritual Muscles, describes the 12 spiritual “muscles.” Learn how to tone and strengthen those muscles in order to access inner wisdom and experience your yoga practice in powerful new ways.

June 2013 podcast: Yoga for Your Spiritual Muscles (listen now, download the mp3, or subscribe via iTunes or RSS feed). Rachel Schaeffer teaches at Kripalu July 26–28.

taking charge of your health
When Carl B. found out he was pre-diabetic, it came out of the blue. His experience in Kripalu’s Preventing and Reversing Diabetes program changed his blood sugar levels—
and his life.

Read Carl’s story.

Get the details about Preventing and Reversing Diabetes, July 28–August 2.

guest words
What I’ve learned at Kripalu over the years has given me a broader, richer view of life.
—Henry K., Lenox, Massachusetts
making an impact: the healing power of art
A Kripalu scholarship brought Krupa Jhaveri to Stockbridge for an art and yoga retreat. Now Krupa has taken what she learned back to her home in south India, where she offers art therapy and creative expression programs for village youth and women.

Read Krupa’s story.

Find out more about the Kripalu Scholarship Program and our other mission-driven initiatives.

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As the Greek philosopher Heraclitus put it, “There is nothing permanent except change.” Life can sometimes feel as precarious and unpredictable as moving water—which is why practicing yoga on a floating surface serves as an apt metaphor for staying balanced off the mat. In this month’s issue of Compass, we dive into an exploration of stand up paddleboard yoga, a new trend that comes to Kripalu this summer. Alyssa Giacobbe reflects on impermanence and nostalgia in her essay, “Safety in Objects,” and Kripalu Yoga teacher Rachel Schaeffer explains how to strengthen our spiritual muscles, helping us to stay strong amid turbulence. Come on in—the water’s fine!
yoga making waves: stand up paddleboard yoga
by Kim Childs

Imagine being outdoors, stretching into Tree pose on a lovely summer day. Rooting down through your right leg, you lift and press your left foot against your inner thigh. Feeling secure, you slowly raise your arms above your head. As you gaze at the real trees in the distance, you become aware of a slight unsteadiness in your balance. Suddenly, you’re wobbling and… splash! You’re in the water.

Welcome to stand up paddleboard yoga, an offshoot of the water sport that originated in Hawaii’s surfing community in the 1960s.

Read more.

Don’t miss Float Your Yoga: A Stand Up Paddleboard Weekend, July 19–21 at Kripalu.

turning point: q&a with toni bergins
JourneyDance™ creator and teacher trainer Toni Bergins is on a mission—one that’s changing the world one dance step at a time.
Read the interview.

Toni Bergins teaches JourneyDance™ Teacher Training: Module 1, July 28–August 2 at Kripalu.

safety in objects, by alyssa giacobbe
When my parents announced they were putting their house—my childhood home—on the market after 32 years, I wasn’t particularly sad, or surprised. They’d spent the last decade building a life among the Florida snowbirds, and the big, gray colonial back in suburban New England was both wasteful and lifeless. Read more.

healthy living recipes
It’s the season for fresh local greens, and Kripalu House Dressing, a perennial guest favorite, is all they need to shine. Delicious over steamed vegetables as well as salads, this easy recipe includes ingredients that support your body’s antioxidant production and “good” cholesterol.

Healthy Living Recipe of the Month
Kripalu House Dressing

spreading the word…
Kripalu Discount for Nantucket Yoga Festival 2013
Kripalu faculty members Devarshi Steven Hartman and Larissa Hall Carlson are among the presenters at this year’s Nantucket Yoga Festival, July 12–14, on the island of Nantucket. Dedicated to conscious living and creative collaboration, the festival includes two days of workshops and a farm-to-table dinner on Saturday evening. Use discount code KC2013 to get $50 off a full festival pass.

Find out more.

Empowerments for Peace and Awakening
The Sakya Institute for Buddhist Studies in Cambridge, Massachusetts, founded by Kripalu invited presenter Lama Migmar Tseten, hosts a two-day Empowerments for Peace and Awakening event, July 13 and 14, in Boxborough, Massachusetts. The rituals will be led by His Holiness the Sakya Trizin, the 41st lineage holder of the Sakya Order of Tibetan Buddhism.

Visit the Sakya Center online for details.

quote of the month
Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.
—Thich Nhat Hanh
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