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december podcast: yoga, skillfulness, and finding
your voice, with kofi busia
In this edition of Kripalu Perspectives, Iyengar Yoga teacher Kofi Busia shares his insights on how the alignment-driven practice of Iyengar Yoga can help us to develop more skillfulness on the mat and deeper awareness in our lives—by uncovering our individual voice and the essence of who we truly are.

December 2013 podcast: Yoga, Skillfulness, and Finding Your Voice
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Kofi Busia teaches at Kripalu January 24–26 and January 26–31.

craving quietude?
This winter, Kripalu invites you to discover yourself in deeper ways during Contemplative Week, which includes silent meals, quiet in the halls, and more introspective programming.

Check out programs scheduled during Contemplative Week, January 19–24. or craft your own schedule with a contemplative R&R Retreat.

guest words
I love how I feel when I’m at Kripalu—peaceful, happy, and filled with gratitude for living.
—Susan B., West Hartford, Connecticut
three kirtan bands, two special celebrations ...
... one blissful way to ring in the new year! Kirtan legends Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band, Mira, David Newman (Durga Das), and C.C. White offer two programs between Christmas and New Year’s—come for one or both!

Expand your heart and express your voice in Bhakti Bliss: The Practice, December 27–29, and Bhakti Bliss: The Celebration, December 29–
January 1.

leave stress behind
Embrace your potential for a stress-free life in 2014. In this Kripalu Healthy Living program, address the impact stress has on your life, and learn tools to revitalize your health, energy, and clarity.

Transforming Stress: Mindful Living and the Art of Nourishment,
January 5–10.

making an impact
Kripalu’s magazine for patrons and friends features articles on how yoga can help heal the suffering of trauma survivors and military veterans, enhance seniors’ health and well-being, and give adolescents lifelong tools for happiness.

Read the new issue of Impact.

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Enjoy the beauty of the Berkshires every day with Kripalu’s desktop wallpaper.

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What if changing the way you think about things—in all areas of your life—could change the way you experience them? Would your relationships flourish? Would reconnecting to yourself and to others create an opportunity for personal as well as social change? This issue of Compass explores opportunities for making small and large shifts—whether that means expressing yourself in new ways, finding the time and space to go deeper within, or taking a fresh approach to stress. We invite you to settle into the naturally slower rhythm of the winter months and take a moment each day to contemplate and celebrate the life you live. Have a peaceful and joyous December!
separation: an excerpt from
the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible
by Charles Eisenstein

Charles Eisenstein’s writing on themes of civilization, consciousness, money, and cultural evolution have generated a vast online following. In this excerpt from his new book, he explores the idea that our society is at a moment of transition—between a system that no longer works and a potential renaissance in which everything must change.

Sometimes I feel nostalgic for the cultural mythology of my youth, a world in which there was nothing wrong with soda pop, in which the Super Bowl was important, in which America was bringing democracy to the world, in which the doctor could fix you, in which science was going to make life better and better, and they just put a man on the moon.

Read more.

what if we’re all doing the best we can?
by Kim Childs

In the past year, I’ve heard from two friends who were disappointed in me because I didn’t meet their expectations or show up in the ways that they wanted me to. In one case, the friendship was already fading. Read more.

kripalu school of ayurveda launches nyc training
Calling all our readers in New York City and the metropolitan area: Looking for a Kripalu immersion experience but need to stay close to home? Beginning in May, Kripalu offers a Foundations of Ayurveda training in a nonresidential format, comprised of six weekends over a five-month period. (Our next on-site Foundations program is in September 2014). Learn Ayurvedic history and philosophy, cooking and nutrition, lifestyle and stress-management tools, and more.

Get the details.

kripalu kitchen recipes
Got a can or two of pumpkin—or maybe a whole one—left over from Thanksgiving? Pair it with chocolate for a unique and delicious holiday treat that also offers up a slice of fiber and beta-carotene.

Kripalu Recipe of the Month
Pumpkin-Chocolate Pie

spreading the word…
First exhibition of yogic art at the Smithsonian
Yoga: The Art of Transformation, billed as the world’s first exhibition of yogic art, brings together sculptures, icons, manuscripts, and court paintings created in India over 2,000 years, as well as modern photographs, books, and films. Highlights include three monumental stone yogini goddesses from a 10th-century Chola temple, and 10 folios from the first illustrated compilation of asanas, made for a Mughal emperor in 1602. At the Smithsonian in Washington DC through January, the show will also be on view in San Francisco and Cleveland in 2014.

View images from Yoga: The Art of Transformation.

Tana K. Amen unveils her Omni Diet
A lifetime of chronic disease sent Kripalu invited presenter Tana K. Amen on a decade-long study of the role of nutrition in healing the body. She’s distilled her discoveries into a new book, The Omni Diet, that lays out her 70 percent plant/30 percent protein diet, designed to keep the brain, muscles, and organs functioning at peak condition.

Find out more.

quote of the month
It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.
—Mother Teresa
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