Yoga Journal LIVE! at Kripalu
It’s a celebration of vinyasa, featuring renowned teachers and our own Kripalu faculty. During this weekend of power and play, enjoy everything from slow, meditative movement to vigorous, heat-building sequences, guided by Rodney Yee, Colleen Saidman Yee, Elena Brower, Vinnie Marino, Coby Kozlowski, and more.

Find out more about Yoga Journal LIVE! at Kripalu, November 20–23.

Kripalu Perspectives Podcast: Breath and Self-Discovery, with Stanislav Grof
In this month’s podcast, Stanislav Grof delves into his discoveries on non-ordinary states of conciousness and talks about the healing potential of Holotropic Breathwork.

Listen now.

Stanislav Grof is a faculty member for Breath Immersion 2015: From Science to Samadhi, October 18–23 at Kripalu.

Why Yoga and Running Go Together
On the surface, yoga and running might not seem like the perfect match. But it turns out they beautifully complement each other in cultivating mind-body strength, flexibility, and stability. Experience it for yourself in our new program, Yoga and Running: Off the Mat and Onto the Trails, October 30–November 1.

Living a Full Life with Parkinson’s
Each day of this program offers educational sessions and experiential workshops on the benefits of movement, meditation, yoga, and conscious communication. You also learn the latest information on research, medication, and lifestyle change that can improve quality of life with Parkinson’s.

Wellness Retreat for People Living with Parkinson’s and Their Care Partners, October 18–22.

Read Randy’s story of living with Parkinson’s: “From Wall Street to the Yoga Mat.”

Do This Now: Kapha-Balancing Yoga Practice
Larissa Hall Carlson, E-RYT 500, Dean of the Kripalu School of Ayurveda, leads this class designed to get the blood flowing and the prana circulating.

Unroll your mat and start moving!

View our brand-new collection of Kripalu Yoga videos.

Making an Impact: Our Mission in Action
Swami Kripalu, “Seekers who believe they must practice yoga only in the meditation room are under a great illusion. They must practice yoga in society as well.” As a Kripalu donor, you support programs that reach beyond our walls to bring healing and transformation to those in need.

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How Yoga Changes the Brain

by Angela Wilson

For many of us, the practice of yoga helps us feel calmer and more soothed. We go into class feeling stressed from the day’s activities, and we leave with a little more ease. So what’s happening in the brain, as a result of yoga, that produces these feelings? With the steady rise in the number of people practicing yoga—from 13 million in 2007 to more than 20 million today—researchers have begun to focus their attention on how yoga actually changes the brain. The results echo what many of us experience: Studies show that yoga increases relaxation chemicals in the brain, improves areas of the brain that help us manage pain, and protects us against age-related decline. Together, these benefits begin to reveal the scientifically validated effects of yoga practice on brain health.

Read more.

Are you a nurse, doctor, yoga teacher, or mental-health worker interested in exploring the science behind yoga and how to apply that knowledge to your practice? Angela Wilson teaches The Science of Yoga for Health Professionals, November 1–6 at Kripalu.

Kripalu Kitchen Recipes
Our take on the classic oatmeal cookie has a surprising ingredient—pepitas. And look, ma, no butter!

Kripalu Kitchen Recipe of the Month:
Vegan Oatmeal Cookies

For Yoga Teachers—and Those Who Want to Be
Ready to embark on your new career, doing what you love? Take 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in two 12-day modules, December 6–18, 2015, and January 24–February 5, 2016. Find out more.

Already a yoga teacher, and looking to enhance your skills and tap into a whole new clientele? Our Specialist Yoga Teacher Training track debuts with Restorative Yoga Teacher Training, January 8–17, 2016, with Sudha Carolyn Lundeen.

And there’s still time to register for Kripalu’s 24th Annual Yoga Teachers Conference, October 6–9—a celebration, reunion, and professional development opportunity, all rolled into one!

Facing Cancer with Courage
Cancer is life-changing. This transformational retreat offers inspiration for creating an amazing life full of healing and joy.

Facing Cancer with Courage, November 8–13.

Winter R&R Special Offer
Get more Kripalu—for less. Starting November 1, stay for two midweek nights of R&R Retreat, and get an additional night free. Or, stay three midweek nights, and get two additional nights free. While you’re here, create a customized Kripalu Experience that’s just right for you.

Get the details.

Time Affluence: Why Doing Less Makes Us Happier
by Kim Childs

I first heard the term “time affluence” from my Positive Psychology teacher, Tal Ben-Shahar, and immediately resonated with it. Having an abundance of time for the things I need and desire to do is one of my favorite ways to feel rich. The problem is, most of us don’t cultivate it in our overstuffed culture. Read more.

Find out about the Certificate in Positive Psychology, an on-site/online program beginning October 19.

Other Great Opportunities in October
Mythic Yoga Flow: Asana, Myth, Mantra, Mudra
Sianna Sherman
October 9–12

Women, Food, and God: A Transformational Path
Geneen Roth
October 9–11

A Zentangle Weekend
Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas
October 16–18

Living a Soulful Life: Practical Tools for Navigating the Material World
Panache Desai
October 30–November 1
Quote of the Month
“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”
—Mahatma Gandhi
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