Yoga Journal LIVE! at Kripalu
Kripalu and Yoga Journal LIVE! team up to present a weekend of flow yoga—in all its many moods and styles. Experience vigorous sequences, meditative movement, posture clinics, chakra-balancing flows, and more, with an amazing group of faculty that includes Rodney Yee, Colleen Saidman Yee, Elena Brower, Coby Kozlowski, and other exceptional teachers.

Check out the workshop schedule for Yoga Journal LIVE! at Kripalu, November 20–23.

Kripalu Perspectives Podcast: Ancient Healing for Women’s Health, with Claudia Welch
In this month’s podcast, Ayurvedic doctor and educator Claudia Welch discusses how tools from Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine can have a positive impact on women’s health.

August 2015 podcast: Ancient Healing for Women’s Health Listen now.

Claudia Welch teaches at Kripalu October 23–25.

Last Chance to Get Your Summer On!
There’s still time to luxuriate in the beauty of the season—and get all the health benefits of being in nature—with these outdoor programs at Kripalu:

Yoga Summer Camp: An Outdoor Adventure for Adults, August 16–21.

Food, Fitness, and Summer Fun, the Ayurvedic Way, August 30–September 4.

Kripalu Outdoors: A Yoga, Hiking, and Kayaking Retreat, September 4–7.

The Front Lines of Yoga Research
The Symposium on Yoga Research, copresented by Kripalu and the International Association of Yoga Therapists, is a unique learning opportunity that offers ample opportunities for participants to interact with other scientists, experts, and professionals in the field.

Find out more about the Symposium on Yoga Research, September 28–30.

Do This Now: Hit the Refresh Button
Take just two minutes to refresh and rejuvenate with the guidance of Kripalu School of Yoga faculty member Michelle Dalbec.

Watch now.

Making an Impact: Kripalu Scholarships
Carl Rubino took the Kripalu Yoga in the Schools Teacher Training with the help of a Kripalu scholarship. Now he’s bringing yoga techniques for stress reduction to at-risk adolescents—because, as a prosecutor in the juvenile criminal justice system, he knows exactly what these kids are up against.

Help us give more people like Carl the tools to make a real difference in the world. Support the Kripalu Scholarship program.

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Why Getting Outside Is So Good for You

by Bess Hochstein

I took a new job in California this year, and one of the best perks is the location of the company’s headquarters. The office sits in an old apple orchard, and every day, from my desk on the second floor, I watch a steady stream of my colleagues strolling along a path through the trees, taking extended walks to the connecting shaded bike trail. These are not brief strolls; my colleagues are frequently gone for nearly an hour, and most of them take two walks a day.

Read more.

Kripalu Kitchen Recipes
Combine watermelon, mint, ginger, and lemon to get the essence of summertime, in a bowl.

Kripalu Kitchen Recipe of the Month Chilled Watermelon Soup

Community and Skill-Building at Kripalu’s 24th Annual Yoga Teachers Conference
Calling all yoga teachers certified in any tradition: Deepen your skills and connect with peers at Kripalu’s 24th Annual Yoga Teachers Conference, October 6–9. Choose from workshops designed to stoke the fire of tejas, your inner radiance and power of insight, and of ojas, your vital energy. Return home with fresh inspiration to take your teaching to a new level.

Find out more.

The Healing Power of Food
Finally, a professional training for health-care providers that provides the foundation you need to integrate nutrition and mind-body skills effectively into your practice and your life. Led by James S. Gordon, MD, the team of expert faculty gets you up to date with the latest research on medical nutrition therapy and its practical applications.

Food As Medicine: A Feast of Science and Wisdom, September 18–22.

Yoga Festival Season Continues
Kripalu faculty member Steven Leonard (at left) is among the presenters at the Ahimsa Yoga and Music Festival, October 2–3 in Windham, New York, which packs 15 musical acts and 38 yoga teachers into two inspiration-filled days.

The Newtown Yoga Festival, August 22 in Newton, Connecticut, was formed to help heal the community after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012. This year, activities include a “Yoga Buffet” of workshops and a family experience with the dance troupe Pilobolus.

Losing Weight the Mindful Way
by Portland Helmich

I thought I’d won the battle once and for all. After consuming no more than 1,300 calories a day and working out six days a week the summer before last, I’d lost just over 20 pounds. Read more.

Find out about The Kripalu Approach to Diet: An Integrative Weight-Loss Program, an on-site/online program beginning September 7.

Certificate in Positive Psychology
Kripalu’s Certificate in Positive Psychology program, beginning October 19, offers an 11-month immersion in the science of happiness—from online lectures covering the latest research to powerful experiential practices while you’re on-site at Kripalu. Tal Ben-Shahar is a leading expert in the field, and one of the most engaging speakers you’ll ever hear. Learn how to apply Positive Psychology theory, tools, and research to your life and work in a program that will stay with you forever.

Other Great Opportunities in August
Playing the Matrix and Getting What You (Really) Want
Mike Dooley
August 14–16

Shakti and Meditation: Invoking the Power of the Inner Beloved
Sally Kempton
August 21–23

Immerse Yourself: A Baptiste Yoga Program
Paige Elenson
August 14–16

Detox for Health and Healing
Annie B. Kay and Kathie Madonna Swift
August 23–28

Hiking and Yoga
Randal Williams and Mark Roule
August 28–13

Quote of the Month
“Happiness, not money or prestige, should be regarded as the ultimate currency—the currency by which we take measure of our lives.”
Tal Ben-Shahar
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