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spring cleaning with ayurveda
Beginning March 24, you could be part of a joint project of the Kripalu School of Ayurveda, the Himalayan Institute, and Dr. Scott Blossom, featuring a 7-day whole-food-based cleanse. You’ll not only boost your health, but your participation may contribute to a first-of-its-kind study of an adaptation of a traditional Ayurvedic cleanse.
benefit reminder: $5 off all kripalu healing arts services
Remember to mention that you’re a KYTA member when booking your service, or show your name tag if you’re booking in-house. Available Sunday through Friday.

Dear friends,

Winter has been taking it easy on us in our part of the world this year, but that doesn’t mean we’re not looking forward to spring and the new  energy and inspiration it brings! In this issue of the e-news, Andrew offers tips for attracting current and prospective students into your studio—check out the video below.

In that spirit, we invite you to get in on the conversation at the Kripalu Professional Associations Community Forum by answering this question: What gets you through the winter? Maybe a vigorous personal practice? A daily cup of green tea? Or a weekly dinner with friends? Share your thoughts—you’ll inspire others.

With love,


Vandita Kate Marchesiello
Director, Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association


Andrew Tanner 
Director, Professional Trainings
reach out and touch someone
In this month’s video, Andrew Tanner, Director of Professional Trainings, offers tips for getting students off their "asanas" and into your studio during the February slump.

referral raffle winners
Each quarter, KYTA has a raffle—picking three winners from the pool of KYTA members who have referred someone to Kripalu.

Below are brief profiles of this quarter’s winners. Each winner has received a $500 credit at Kripalu that is good for three years, transferable, and can be applied toward housing, tuition, and Healing Arts services.

Want to participate in the next Referral Raffle? Ask the students you refer to Kripalu to mention your yoga teacher ID number or name when making their reservation. Every referral you make increases your chances of winning.

susan genis

From: New York, New York
Number of years as a KYTA member: 5+

I discovered and fell in love with yoga at Kripalu, in l992. Since then, I have returned more than 20 times for yoga programs, often inviting friends and students to join me. I am an Anusara®-inspired yoga teacher in New York City, and my KYTA membership has enabled me to grow as a teacher and to serve an ever-expanding senior population. I teach chair yoga and other classes for seniors, and I also love introducing beginning students of all ages to the joy of practicing yoga.

tessa irvin

From: Missoula, Montana
Number of years as a KYTA member: 1

Since completing Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training last February, I have been busy attending photography school and traveling around the Caribbean, using my knowledge of yoga to keep both body and mind in shape. KYTA has helped me stay in touch with the Kripalu community while I’ve been off on my adventures. I recently moved to Montana, and I hope to begin teaching here soon!
evelyn zak

From: Henrico, Virginia
Number of years as a KYTA member: 9+

I completed yoga teacher training in 1993 while living in rural Virginia, and my KYTA membership was vital in terms of feeling connected to a larger yoga community. I still benefit greatly from that connection today, now that I’m the yoga educator at Williamsville Wellness, an addictions treatment facility outside Richmond, Virginia.
program highlights
Certificate in Positive Psychology with Tal Ben-Shahar; first online course begins July 17, first residential immersion is August 12–17.
This groundbreaking combination of on-site and online programming over 10 months culminates in a certificate in Positive Psychology. During the onsite intensives—two 5-day modules at Kripalu—students are immersed in study and practice. Back home, you continue to learn online while applying that knowledge in everyday life. Read more at

This module explores the modern-day applications of pranayama, inner stillness, and yogic philosophy, focusing on the energetics of yoga as expressed in breath practice, meditation, and daily life. Read more
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