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what kids say about yoga in the schools
High school students participating in the Kripalu Yoga in the Schools program report that the yoga classes offer them powerful tools for relaxation and self-regulation that they use before taking tests, before going to bed, during sports competitions, and during emotionally challenging times.

Hear what kids say about yoga in the schools.

Enrich the lives of adolescents through the transformative power of yoga. Kripalu Yoga in the Schools Teacher Training, June 27–July 4.

look for larissa in yoga journal
Our own Larissa Hall Carlson, Dean of the Kripalu School of Ayurveda, offered an immunity-boosting home practice in last month’s Yoga Journal.

Check it out, and watch for Larissa in the March issue of Yoga Journal, too!

Dear Kripalu sangha,

Even as winter lies heavy over the land, we near the time when the spark of life begins to stir in the seeds buried in the earth. It’s a subtle shift, as the season tilts ever closer toward the life-giving energy of the sun. For many of us, the sun is an external representation of the life force that shines in our hearts, and the fire that feels distant in winter is cultivated through our practice.

In this issue of Sangha, we offer you ways to stoke the fires of compassion, practice, and wisdom. Our upcoming 500-hour module, Tools for Transformational Teaching, April 18–27, with KSY Dean Yoganand Michael Carroll and faculty member Rudy Peirce, integrates these core principles into the classroom.

As the foundation of our teachings, we look to Swami Kripalu’s wise words, as transcribed by Kripalu founding member Vidya Carolyn Dell’uomo, and reprinted here, in part, with her permission:

My beloved child, break your heart no longer. Each time you judge yourself, you break your own heart. You stop feeding on the love, which is the wellspring of your vitality. That time has come, your time—to live, to celebrate, to see the goodness that you are.

Jai Bhagwan,

Micah Mortali
Director, Kripalu Schools of Yoga and Ayurveda

ayurveda to beat the winter blahs
The cold months, coupled with a heavier, acidic diet, often induce feelings of lethargy and inertia. To counteract the sluggishness (which Ayurveda sees as a kapha imbalance), try incorporating three simple routines into your morning. These routines will pacify the heavy kapha elements of earth and water without exacerbating the light vata elements of ether and air that dominate the season. Remember that, in winter, we do need extra rest and a warming diet, so listen to your body. Is it asking for extra sleep, or a round of Sun Salutations to shake off the slumber?

  1. Perform garshana (dry skin brushing) daily before showering, using raw silk gloves and a skin brush, soft sponge, or washcloth. Massage the skin toward the heart, applying long strokes on the long bones of the arms and legs, and circular strokes on your joints (avoid massaging the heart and face). This action strips off dry, rough skin and improves circulation. Finish with your feet.
  2. Upon waking, use a neti pot with a saline solution (available at most health-food stores or online) to clear the sinuses. This wards off illness by clearing out germ-harboring mucus, allows for deeper breathing, and improves olfactory function. Apply a dab of sesame oil in each nostril after use.
  3. Practice five to 10 rounds of a simple Sun Salutation, igniting peristalsis (which stimulates metabolism and elimination), raising the core temperature of the body, getting the lymphatic system moving, and waking up the nervous system. This invokes the qualities of warmth, mobility, and lightness to oppose the cold, inert heaviness of built-up kapha.

Sarajean Rudman, Kripalu School of Ayurveda Intern

Find out about upcoming trainings in the School of Ayurveda, including our 500-Hour Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher Training and offsite Foundations of Ayurveda program in New York City.

self-love and compassion
Vandita Kate Marchesiello reflects on Swami Kripalu’s teachings
Thoughts and actions filled with love create love in others. Understand the power of your love. No sadhana in the world compares to the sadhana of love. The only source of true happiness in this world comes through love.

These words, spoken by Swami Kripalu four decades ago, have inspired me ever since. I elaborated on his premise and added the following:

Thoughts and actions infused with love and self-acceptance will allow me to accept and love others more authentically. Each time I treat others or myself unkindly, I pledge to not hold onto the self-judgment too long, and to go to my cushion and meditate.

Swami Kripalu also suggested the following guidance, which I’ve practiced for nearly 40 years; it has truly worked miracles in my life.

When you meditate, close your eyes and draw your senses inward. Then imagine you can enter the chambers of your heart. Resting there for a while, sense the presence of an all-abiding love. Allow the breath to quiet your awareness. You’ll find love eternally present in the human heart.

Vandita Kate Marchesiello, E-RYT 500, is a senior Kripalu teacher and faculty member. She has recorded several best-selling CDs, including the recently released Vandita Chants: Healing Prayers to Soothe Your Soul.
referral raffle winners

Each quarter, KYTA has a raffle—picking three winners from the pool of KYTA members who have referred someone to Kripalu.

Below are brief profiles of this quarter’s winners. Each winner has received a $500 credit at Kripalu that is good for three years, transferable, and applicable toward housing, tuition, and Healing Arts services.

Want to participate in the next Referral Raffle? Ask the students you refer to Kripalu to mention your yoga teacher ID number or name when making their reservation. Every referral you make increases your chances of winning.

This quarter’s winners

Molly Hammond
From: Austin, Texas
Number of years as a KYTA member: 5+

I enjoy making yoga accessible to a range of ages and abilities. I’m also a performing pianist and harpsichordist, and am constantly fascinated by how the practices of music and yoga inform each other. Being a KYTA member keeps me connected to the source of the best possible yoga teacher training. I’m often asked where I trained, after which I proudly describe Kripalu and the many riches it has to offer.

Abby Schwab
From: Framingham, Massachusetts
Number of years as a KYTA member: 4+

As a graduate of Kripalu’s 200- and 500-hour yoga teacher training programs, I’ve been teaching in the Metro West area of Boston for a number of years, and have expanded my teaching in many directions, from extra-gentle yoga to vigorous hot yoga. KYTA’s group discount program has allowed me to bring many of my students to Kripalu for the first time. I cherish the role of teacher, but always consider myself a student first. I’m continuously inspired by my students, as we encourage each other to be mindful of the gifts that each day brings.

Betsy Verrips
From: Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Number of years as a KYTA member: 1+

Since my graduation in 2012, I have been back to Kripalu three times, with the help of my KYTA discount, and have traveled to Hawaii and Florida to meet up with my fellow grads. I teach seven classes a week, and I feel such a sense of awe about how the students react to Kripalu Yoga. Someone said to me recently, “There’s just something special about the teachers from Kripalu.” Without Kripalu, I would not be the person I am today.

program highlights
Integrating Ayurveda into Yoga Teaching, March 14–23
Explore the dynamics and sequencing of asana, pranayama, and meditation for balancing the elements, doshas, and gunas (qualities).

Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training 500-Hour Certification Module: Therapeutic Approaches to Yoga, March 21–30
Learn how to offer posture modifications to create a safe and therapeutic environment in both group and individual classes.

Crafting the Resilient Life, March 17–July 2 (on-site and online)
Through the science of resilience and the study of happiness, we build a foundation for optimal living in times of stress, loss, and sudden change.

Advance Your Assisting Skills: An Inspirational Training for Yoga Teachers, March 27–30
This program offers you an opportunity to expand your knowledge of hands-on assisting techniques and discover new ways to facilitate healthy alignment.

NYC Foundations of Ayurveda Off-Site Training, May 1–September 21
A 5-month, nonresidential Foundations of Ayurveda training in New York City; classes are on weekends. Learn Ayurvedic history and philosophy, nutrition and cooking techniques, lifestyle and stress-management tools, and more.

Kripalu Yoga in the Schools Teacher Training, June 27–July 4
Bolster your skills as a yoga teacher and gain tools that can enhance the lives of high school students.

Save the date: 23rd Annual Yoga Teachers Conference, October 14–17

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