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Attention: Yoga teachers in the Boston area and beyond!
Funding is available to attend any of the Yoga Ed.TM programs listed below when you commit to bringing yoga into Title 1 schools (schools with a large low-income student population).

Yoga Ed.™ Tools for Classroom Teachers
, June 30–July 2, 2010

Yoga Ed.™ K–8 Instructor Certification, July 30–August 6, 2010

Contact Vandita at for details.

The mercury actually hit 80 degrees in the Berkshires this month, offering us a preview of what’s to come! Soon we’ll go into high gear in preparation for the KYTA Conference in June—the perfect time for lounging at the lake and taking walks on our hiking trails.

We’ve created a terrific schedule of workshops and talks for this year’s conference, but I’d like to make special mention of another aspect of the conference that participants talk about year after year—the music and movement woven into the experience.

This year we bring you a Bollywood dancing workshop, kirtan with our beloved songstress Bhavani Lorraine Nelson, ecstatic dancing with Jovinna Chan, drumming and movement with Allison Gemmel Laframboise and KDZ: The Kripalu Drummers, and the heart-opening melodies of Shantala (Benjy and Heather Wertheimer).

Come sing and dance your way into summer!


june 24–27
Celebrate summer and the work you love at KYTA Conference 2010, Teaching as a Practice, June 24–27. Come together with others who share your passion for three days of professional development and personal revitalization, and take home new ideas and inspiration!

Are any of your students considering yoga teacher training? The conference will offer them a taste of what they’ll find in a Kripalu training, and a chance to spend time with others who have a similar calling. And every time you refer a student to Kripalu, you increase your chances of becoming our next Referral Raffle winner! For more on how the Referral Raffle works and to meet our latest winners, read on.

Register now for the KYTA conference, June 24–27.

Download the conference brochure for details on each of the 16 workshops offered, as well as faculty bios and evening events.
Each quarter, KYTA has a raffle—picking three winners from the pool of KYTA members who have referred someone to Kripalu Center. Below are brief profiles of this quarter’s winners. Each winner has received a $500 credit at Kripalu that is good for three years, transferable, and applicable to housing, tuition, and healing arts services.

Want to participate in the next referral raffle? Ask the students you refer to Kripalu to mention your yoga teacher ID number or name when making their reservation. Every referral you make increases your chances of winning.

Robert Gibbs   
Stacy Ross

From: Fair Haven, New Jersey
Number of years as a KYTA member: 1+

I am a busy mother of three and currently teach at Fair Haven Yoga, right here in our one-square-mile town! I teach to all ages and fitness levels, focusing on the benefits of yoga for any lifestyle. Additionally, I have begun two children’s classes for Girl Scouts and running groups in the area, and I plan to come to Kripalu in May to attend Lakshmi Voelker’s chair yoga teacher training.

I am an avid runner and after I took up yoga as a complement to running, I found the spiritual aspects of the practice and the yogic lifestyle began to influence all areas of my life. My conviction that everyone I knew—my children, my parents, my husband—could all benefit from a practice was a big part of my inspiration to train as a yoga teacher!

My KYTA membership benefits me in many ways. As a member of the Jersey Shore Tri-Gals, I have taken a group to Kripalu over Martin Luther King weekend for the past two years. This year, we had 33 members in the group, some of whom had never done yoga before. The experience I can offer through KYTA cannot be matched. 


Kathleen Gordon   
Ali Ruch

From: Concord, Massachusetts
Number of years as a KYTA member: 1+

I am a certified Kripalu Yoga instructor and am currently being certified in iRest Yoga Nidra meditation, which I teach at Yoga and Nia for Life in West Concord, Massachusetts. I work primarily with semi-private and private groups, and my classes are heart-centered and encourage a playful spirit of exploration, observation, and non-judgmental awareness. 
My personal practice of yoga and meditation continues to offer me opportunities for personal growth and well-being and, coupled with my background in teaching early childhood education, has shown me that true understanding and growth stem from experiential learning. I believe that the practice of yoga is a metaphor for life, and by cultivating the skills of breath and body awareness, one can become grounded in the present moment, heal and strengthen the body, and have the opportunity to connect more deeply with self, others, and the world in an intentional, authentic, and compassionate way.
I am deeply grateful for my experiences at Kripalu and the gifts that it offers humanity as a whole. Through KYTA, I continue to be inspired to nurture my spirit for lifelong learning, both personally and professionally, and to share the journey with those also seeking truth.

Nina Lipkowitz   
Maggie Sky

From: Natick, Massachusetts
Number of years as a KYTA member: 8+

I am a certified 200-hour Kripalu Yoga teacher as well as a certified teacher of JourneyDance and pregnancy yoga. I’ve done all of my training at Kripalu! It is my grounding home, where I come during huge life transitions. Discovering truth and heart, and helping others along this path, is what it is all about for me.

I incorporate my Kripalu-rich background into my work as a psychotherapist and yoga teacher: supporting people to stretch, breathe, shift, be, and create what they want in their lives. My work with yoga students with Alzheimer’s disease has been featured in regional newspapers, and I have presented my program, Yoga and the Art of Chillin’ Out, at Kripalu. I’ve also created a guided yoga CD.

Thank you, KYTA, for supporting me as participant, assistant, and program director!

Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training 500-Hour Certification: Module One—Meditation: Inside and Out,  May 14–23, 2010

2010 Yoga Teachers Conference: Teaching as a Practice, June 24–27

Foundations of Ayurveda, September 12–24, 2010, and November 28–December 10, 2010

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