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Founded in 2009 by yoga teacher Debby Kaminsky, Newark Yoga Movement is a crusade to bring yoga to every single child in the Newark, New Jersey, school system. The effort has been endorsed by Newark School Superintendent Dr. Clifford Janey and Newark’s mayor, Cory A. Booker. To join the movement, or to find out how to start a similar venture in your hometown, go to Newark Yoga Movement or contact Debby.
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Hope you are having a wonderful spring-into-summer! Here in the KYTA office, it’s all about the conference right now—it’s a little like preparing for a reunion, a massive party, and a university seminar all at once! Our 19th annual conference, Teaching as a Practice, takes place June 24–27. I’m so excited to see all of you and have some time together to dance and sing, share our stories, and explore new ideas and experiences together.

Part of what’s so wonderful about practicing and teaching yoga is the fact that the learning is never done. There’s always another place we can travel to, within ourselves or with the guidance of teachers like us who have tapped into groundbreaking ways to access the peace, prana, and mindfulness yoga brings, in all its many forms.

Looking forward to learning and playing with you. See you at the conference!


Vandita Kate Marchesiello
Manager of Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association


Why do you do yoga? Why do you teach yoga? How do your teaching and your personal practice feed and inform each other? OM Yoga founder Cyndi Lee will address these profound and essential questions in her keynote, Teaching as a Practice, at KYTA Conference 2010, June 24–27.

Cyndi will also offer a conference workshop, Deconstruction and Reconstruction: The Education of a Yogi, an examination of teaching tools such as sequencing, voice, touch, language, and connection with your students.

Come learn and explore with the author of Yoga Body, Buddha Mind. A former modern dancer and choreographer (she choreographed Cyndi Lauper’s award-winning “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” video!), Cyndi has been studying yoga and Tibetan Buddhism since the early 1980s and founded OM Yoga Center in New York City in 1998.
Take your pranayama practice to a whole new level with … wait for it … blindfolds and electronic music!

Blocking out light and using sound as an insulating barrier allows you to open the mind’s eye and deepen the inward gaze—it’s a 21st-century version of what yogis have done for centuries, using hand mudras and sound mantras to block out external distractions.

Micah Mortali will be your guide to this potent experience of inward diving in his Friday morning workshop at KYTA Conference 2010, June 24–27.

An explorer of both the interior and exterior worlds–he’s a tracker, archer, and lover of nature–Micah has taught yoga in public schools, college programs, and alternative outdoor settings with diverse populations.

Just click here to download the Summer issue of the Yoga Bulletin. Here’s some of what you’ll find in its 12 full-color, web-interactive pages:

* Breaking news about a brand-new collaborative program between yoga teachers and organic farms

* A rundown of what returning, much-loved workshop presenters will be bringing to the KYTA Conference next month

* An in-depth interview with Randal Williams on the use of imagery and narrative in teaching yoga, the topic of his conference workshop

* A look at how Ayurvedic training complements yoga teaching and transforms practitioners’ professional and personal lives

* Tips on building a home pranayama practice to share with your students or revitalize your own routine

* and much more!
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