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Vandita Kate Marchesiello
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Beloved friend and yoga teacher Lila Ostermann, a resident of Kripalu in the 1970s, passed away on June 24 at age 90. Lila touched many people throughout her years of teaching yoga, and truly lived what she taught. Fittingly, she was the teacher who introduced the Breath of Joy, which has been a staple of the Kripalu experience and teaching curriculum for many years.

All of us who knew her have a “Lila memory” that makes us smile or laugh, or brings a tear to our eye. Lila allowed compassion to move into our lives and taught us to think about the words we spoke to ourselves. She made us laugh, as when she marched us into the ladies’ room to show us how to do a proper squat, should we ever find ourselves in India! She was the first teacher who exposed us to Laughter Yoga—she would start to laugh and, before we knew it, the whole class was in laughter. Lila’s presence will be greatly missed, but her memory is forever etched in our hearts.

—contributed by Sharon Smith-Carter, Path to Stillness Yoga Studio, Ontario, Canada


September 21, 2001, was the first annual Peace One Day, a day of global cease-fire and nonviolence commemorated through the efforts of filmmaker and activist Jeremy Gilley. Since then, Peace One Day has been celebrated in 192 countries, with efforts such as last year’s drive to create safe conditions in which four million Afghani children were vaccinated against polio.

Kripalu Yoga Centre in Surrey, England, plans to mark Peace One Day this year with a daylong silent meditation and candlelight vigil, sending a vibration of peace throughout the world.

Are you moved to create an event to honor Peace One Day?

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