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Dear friend,

What a fabulous, powerful, high-energy week we had together this month as we marked the 20th anniversary of the KYTA Conference! I was so moved to see all of your bright, shining faces gathered together for our sangha sessions, and to feel the mood of inspiration and uplift in the hallways, the program rooms, the Dining Hall—the whole building felt supercharged!

If you weren’t with us for events such as Vidya’s beautiful, symbolic representation of Kripalu’s legacy; Shobhan’s depth exploration of Kripalu Yoga; and Devarshi’s loving and playful master class, be assured that we plan to bring you as much of the conference as possible in the coming months, via video, resource CD, and the quarterly Yoga Bulletin.

For now, I’ll leave you with this Forum Question of the Month: What inspiration do you gain when you come together with other yoga teachers, and is there a way you can create opportunities for such gatherings in your community?


Vandita Kate Marchesiello
Director, Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association

A few statistics from the 20th annual KYTA Conference, October 4–7:

183: Number of yoga teachers attending from around the country and the world

16: Number of workshops offered, ranging from in-depth explorations of the koshas, alignment, and assisting to experiences of vinyasa, anatomy, and high-energy pranayama

3: Number of illluminating and inspiring keynotes, offered by Vidya Carolyn Dell'uomo, Seane Corn, and Shobhan Richard Faulds

1: Beautiful sand mandala created by the group during our closing session on Friday morning

Look for more coverage and resource materials from KYTA Conference 2011 in the coming months!

More than 225 yoga teachers, clinicians, and scientists attended the second annual International Association of Yoga Therapy (IAYT) Symposium on Yoga Research at Kripalu in September, copresented by Kripalu’s Institute for Extraordinary Living (IEL) and the IAYT.

The conference included presentations by leading national and international scientists, presenting groundbreaking research on the clinical applications of yoga for post-traumatic stress disorder, heart failure, hypertension, pain management, mental health conditions, and more. “It was a rare opportunity for these different groups to build solid connections for future work,” says Stephen Cope, IEL Director (pictured at left).
Bella Luna Yoga, founded by Kripalu Yoga teacher Kimberly Moon, is offering KYTA members a special discounted registration rate for its inaugural Caribbean Yoga Conference, February 2–5, 2012, in Montego Bay, Jamaica. KYTA members save $50 off the $345 tuition; e-mail after registering to receive your discount. (Transportation, meals, and accommodation are not included.)

Presenters include Seane Corn, Noah Levine, Simon Park, Toni Bergins, MC Yogi, Sadie Nardini, and other internationally acclaimed teachers. Moon describes the event as “a celebration of sun, sadhana, sand, seva, and sangha.”

Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training 500-Hour Certification Module Four: Working with Special Populations, November 11–20.
How we take yoga out into the world and into our classes, and the variety of what we have to offer, plays a part in determining how successful we are as yoga teachers. Read more.

Kripalu Yoga 500-Hour Teacher Training: Module One: Advanced Techniques for Teaching and Assisting Asanas, January 13–22, 2012.
Learn the deeper facets of teaching yoga, from asana and pranayama to the internal practice of stilling the mind and attuning to the multidimensional body, mind, and spirit. Read more.

Kripalu Yoga 500-Hour Teacher Training: Module Two: Yogic Philosophy, Meditation, and Pranayama: Applying Ancient Teachings to the Modern Lifestyle, May 11–20, 2012.
Drawing from the wisdom of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras as well as the lineage of Kripalu Yoga this module grounds your teaching through in-depth study of yogic philosophy, the experience of contemplative practice, and the exploration of pranayama (breathing techniques). Read more.


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