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Kripalu Nutrition and Food Philosophy

At Kripalu, we believe it is possible to transform your health through deepening your awareness and understanding of food and nourishment. The Kripalu approach to nutrition combines knowledge gained from current research with the wisdom of the yogic tradition, which views food as a source of prana, or life force.

Our nutrition and food philosophy is grounded in four elements: quality, discernment, intention, and connection.


We encourage you to select the most nutritious, least processed, freshest foods—local, seasonal, and organic—whenever possible. These foods, as part of a flavorful plant-based diet, create more energy and vitality for you and your loved ones, and align you with the rhythms of nature.


We support diverse dietary choices, and we believe that you have the ability to be the best source of wisdom for your body’s unique needs. The instincts that guide you toward healing and balance naturally arise when you approach eating through the practices of mindfulness and compassionate self-observation.


When we bring gratitude, joy, curiosity, and love to everything we cook and eat, we are reminded that food is a powerful medicine and a source of life-giving energy. The act of eating becomes a celebration, and we are inspired to share this with others.


As we become aware of the ways our food choices and consumption affect our relationships with the environment, society, and the people closest to us, we strengthen our sense of interconnectedness with the planet and our fellow human beings.