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Kripalu's Mission

To empower people and communities to realize their full potential through the transformative wisdom and practice of yoga.

Kripalu was formed in 1966 to promote yoga and uplift the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of individuals. For more than 40 years, Kripalu has remained a place where people come together to deeply inquire into the core issues of life, explore new and healthier ways of being, and put inspiration into practice.

Kripalu’s vision is to build an awakened, compassionate, and connected world. From our point of view, a connected world is a critical challenge of our time and the answer to many of our societal problems. The only way we can address the complexity of our personal lives and society as a whole is for more of us to explore, understand, and experience what it means to live an integrated life in which we feel fully alive, connected to others, and committed to fostering the welfare of the whole. We call this exploring the yoga of life.

Kripalu’s mission remains empowering people and communities to realize their full potential through the transformative wisdom and practice of yoga. The techniques of yoga integrate body, mind, and spirit, helping both individuals and groups flourish and perform at peak levels. The only way in which this new kind of institution can be built is for its leaders, members, and patrons to embody the discipline of yoga by acting skillfully, being authentic, and confronting our biases and fears as we work together in pursuit of truth.

While grounded in yoga, it is important to understand that Kripalu does not espouse a narrow or sectarian mindset. According to the Kripalu tradition, yoga is an honest and unfettered inquiry into all practices, philosophies, techniques, and approaches that produce thriving for individuals, families, communities, societies, and the planet. This "nondenominational yoga" includes perennial wisdom gleaned from all the world’s religions and spiritual traditions, together with the amazing knowledge gained from science, psychology, and contemporary researchers. It also includes healing techniques drawn from traditional, allopathic, and complementary/alternative medicine that help individuals heal and return to high levels of functioning.

As an institution, Kripalu is dedicated to yoga as a rigorous, nondogmatic, and nonsectarian inquiry into the core issues of life. This kind of truth-based inquiry inevitably frees us from fears, fantasies, and distortions and produces positive ways of being that generate beneficial results. To support rigorous inquiry and dialogue, Kripalu operates in accord with a set of core values that includes integrity, presence, inquiry, service, compassion, and practice. Embracing these and other values is a proven way to move toward the state of integrated functioning where what you think, feel, say, and do are aligned.

All nonprofit organizations have an official purpose clause, most often stated in its Articles of Incorporation or corporate bylaws. To read Kripalu’s, click here.

Kripalu’s Mission in Action

Kripalu’s mission is expressed in action through many long-established activities and several exciting new initiatives. Here is an overview of Kripalu’s current focus:

Programs and R&R Retreats

Kripalu offers a curriculum of more than 750 educational programs and spiritual retreats attended by over 25,000 individuals each year. Kripalu’s faculty includes world-renowned experiential teachers along with prominent visionaries, authors, artists, and inspirational speakers. All programs are carefully designed or selected to serve the needs of a broad spectrum of people, ranging from those likely to appeal to people just beginning their transformative journey, along with those likely to serve the needs of longtime practitioners. Some programs draw from the world’s great wisdom traditions while others are based on the pioneering work of contemporary teachers. A program offering that has tremendous breadth and depth naturally flows from our guiding view, which embraces all systems and techniques that help harmonize body, mind, and spirit, create balance and thriving, and return individuals to the vibrancy that is their birthright. In the face of such diversity, one thing can be guaranteed: every Kripalu program will bring you into the presence of a leading figure in his or her field and invite you to explore and celebrate the wonder and mystery of life.

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Kripalu Schools of Yoga and Ayurveda

Many who find deep value in practicing natural ways to manage stress and enhance the quality of life discover a passion to share what they have learned with others. For 30 years, Kripalu has been helping people become sensitive and potent teachers through offering a curriculum of residential certification programs. Returning to their home communities, graduates of Kripalu training programs are ready to offer their skills to the world and at the same time create a career that they love.

Kripalu’s Schools of Yoga and Ayurveda offer an immersion experience in a holistic environment dedicated to health and well-being. The curriculum for each training blends learning and lifestyle skills with abundant opportunities to put what you are learning into practice. Each program is staffed with skilled faculty who are experts in creating extraordinary learning environments. These programs are enhanced by Kripalu’s rich setting that includes daily yoga and movement classes, evening programs, natural foods, beautiful surroundings, and a community of fellow practitioners. After graduation, students draw sustenance from a supportive network of long-lasting friendships.

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Kripalu is committed to making its services accessible to people of all backgrounds. Within the limits of its resources, Kripalu provides scholarships and assistance to individuals who, because of their financial status, would not otherwise be able to participate.

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Kripalu Yoga and Ayurveda Association

The Kripalu Yoga and Ayurveda Association (KYAA) provides inspiration, community, and support to yoga teachers and Ayurvedic Health Counselors as they bring theirwellness practices out into the world.

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Kripalu Institute for Extraordinary Living

The Kripalu Institute for Extraordinary Living (KIEL) is continuing Kripalu’s established position as a pioneer in the interface of Eastern contemplative and Western psychological approaches to creativity and peak performance. The institute is actively exploring questions like: What does it look like when a human being is functioning on all cylinders-mental, physical, and spiritual? What lifestyles and practices promote this kind of optimal living? How can we most effectively cultivate the fully alive human being?

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Kripalu Healthy Living Programs

Kripalu Healthy Living Programs offer you an integrative approach to health. This means we focus not only on the health of the body but also on the mind and heart, helping you discover a new level of wellness and vitality. Research shows that lifestyle change is one of the most successful ways to stop and even reverse many chronic diseases. Focusing on nutrition, stress management, mindful living, and physical activity, our programs give you the tolls and support necessary to transform your health and crate lasting positive change. Through workshops, health talks, group discussions, and outdoor activities, our exceptional faculty teaches you how to create a healthy lifestyle by guiding you into one.

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Healing Arts

Back in 1975, Kripalu began offering hands-on healing treatments to help individuals jump-start their journey to physical health, psychological growth, and spiritual awakening. Thirty years later, Kripalu is still offering a broad range of healing modalities for one simple reason: they work! As time passes, medical research is increasingly validating the efficacy of a range of techniques drawn from traditional healing systems and pioneers in health science that are often referred to as complimentary and alternative medicine.

Healing Arts services are a powerful addition to any Kripalu program, providing a palpable experience of the same integrated functioning of body, mind, and spirit sought through disciplines like yoga and meditation. Many people find the hands-on help and personal guidance of a Healing Arts therapist essential to discovering how to consciously access deep levels of relaxation and self-attunement.

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Kripalu Shop

How can I take this home with me? is the perennial question of Kripalu program participants. The Kripalu Shop provides an answer by carrying a carefully-chosen line of books, music, videos, healing tools, yoga props and fitness accessories, body care items, clothing, and other products selected to help you sustain and deepen your Kripalu experience. Our experience shows that such products can play a significant role in maintaining the inspiration, study, healthy diet, and spiritual practices learned at Kripalu. Many of our books and audio resources are authored or recommended by program or workshop leaders. Others are selected by our buyers, who screen hundreds of items to assure their fit with the Kripalu lifestyle. Most program guests are aware of the Shop’s physical location on the ground floor of Kripalu Center, but many are unaware that the Shop is also online to support them between visits.

Visit the Kripalu Shop online.

Dining at Kripalu

In many monastic traditions, the cooks are among the most advanced practitioners. There is good reason for this, as eating well is one of the most important things you can do to support your health and spiritual growth. Seen in this light, providing a healthy and educational dining experience is an important part of Kripalu’s mission.

In addition to programs focusing on diet and nutrition, the Kripalu Kitchen provides an array of natural, organic, and local foods, including vegetables, proteins, and nutritious grains. Meals are served buffet-style and are primarily vegetarian; fish and poultry options are often available for lunch and dinner. You’ll also find freshly baked breads and fresh fruits. Being at Kripalu is an opportunity to try new foods and experiment with eating slowly and consciously while actively listening to your body. Program registration includes all meals beginning with dinner on the first day and ending with lunch on the last day.

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Program and R&R Retreat Housing

An important aspect of the Kripalu experience is that it offers time away from your daily routines, activities, and surroundings. This frees you to focus on getting the most from your r&r or program experience. Our facility was formerly a Jesuit seminary, and therefore accommodations are simple. Many program participants describe Kripalu as a place where everything you need is conveniently provided without modern-day distractions such as televisions.

All of Kripalu’s activities take place within the context of a retreat center offering in-depth immersion programs, wholesome meals, saunas, whirlpools and other supportive amenities. There is no need to commute to activities, as everything is under one-roof or an easy walk away. At Kripalu, a healthy lifestyle supportive of learning and positive change can be simpler than you think.

While offering a range of housing options to enable a wide variety of people and families to participate in our programs, all accommodations support the focus and immersion that is core to the Kripalu experience.

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