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Why More Than 36,000 People a Year Come Here

Like you, they are committed to creating truly fulfilling lives that integrate all aspects of who they are. From all parts of the country and world and all walks of life, our guests come to

  • Pursue personal growth
  • Cultivate health and wellness
  • Learn practical life skills
  • Explore creative pursuits
  • Delve into spiritual practices
  • Develop professional skills
  • Renew and revitalize.

This was a life-changing experience for me. For the first time, I did something for myself. I learned about how I really am, what I am capable of, and most importantly, how special life is. We all need to live each day like it was our last.
—Gina L., real estate agent, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Kripalu is what I imagine heaven to be like: full of life, love, and wonderful energy and people. Kripalu gave me my life back—to enjoy, to grow and to reach beyond myself.
—Lisa K., private investigator, San Francisco, California

So what are you interested in? Yoga, health and wellness, creativity, personal growth, professional training? Whatever it is, you’ll find numerous program options, all with exceptional faculty who seek not just to teach but to inspire.

View calendar of upcoming programs and find one that’s right for you!