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Turning Point: Panache Desai

Kripalu Online Describe what you do in 15 words or less.
Panache Desai I support people in living a life that reflects their infinite Divine potential.

KOL Tell us about a turning point in your life.
Panache In every moment in life we are presented with turning points, divine insight, support, and love that lead us into greater pathways of self-love, abundance, and wellness.

KOL What do you love about teaching?
Panache Rather than a teacher, I consider myself a conscious reminder and catalyst for what is possible for all human beings. My greatest blessing in life is to bear continual witness to the many miracles that the Divine performs through me.

KOL What are you passionate about right now?
Panache I am passionate about supporting all who are open to actualizing and embodying the infinite possibilities that dwell within them. I see each of them as the solution, and their empowerment is the world’s empowerment.

KOL What do you do in your downtime?
Panache I spend time with my family, resting, relaxing, and rejuvenating.