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Turning Point: Bhavani Lorraine Nelson

Bhavani Lorraine NelsonBhavani Lorraine Nelson is a professional-level Kripalu Yoga teacher who has practiced and taught meditation for more than 40 years. She has taught across the United States and in Canada, Japan, and Iceland, leading experiential workshops in meditation, mindfulness, stress reduction, and the power of the voice. Bhavani has several albums of singing, chanting, and sounding experiences in addition to her Meditation Made Possible CD series.

Kripalu Online Describe what you do in 15 words or less.
Bhavani I share with wonderful people the principles and practices that are important in my life.

KOL Tell us about a turning point in your life.
Bhavani My most recent turning point was breaking my right leg three times in the span of three years, from 2005 to 2008. The wheelchair sessions of forced inactivity caused me to gain weight and lose muscle strength and bone density. At the worst, I literally could not get up a curb. Getting so uncomfortably and uncharacteristically unfit prompted me to hire a personal trainer in 2009 and begin working out with weights three times a week. That regime and following a Calorie Restriction for Longevity eating plan ( has resulted in restored muscle strength, increased bone density, really healthy biomarkers, and a weight that is less than I weighed in high school! I hop up curbs again, and I feel terrific.

KOL What do you love about teaching?
Bhavani I have always loved teaching—from the time my 8th-grade English teacher invited me to explain sentence diagramming to the class. Since then, I’ve taught everything from mathematics to macramé, guitar to GED. Currently I teach meditation techniques and tools to transform stress as well as my primary love, the power of sounding, from toning, singing, and chanting to public speaking. Whatever I’m teaching, what I love is watching the light brighten inside someone when they make a connection with the material.

KOL What are you passionate about right now?
Bhavani My upcoming program, Applying the Magic of Mantra. I’m excited to offer a practice ground for a group coming together to bless each other and the world using the power of mantra.

KOL What do you do in your downtime?
Bhavani I enjoy participating in Toastmasters, where members develop speaking and leadership skills in a supportive peer environment. Recently I achieved the highest level in the program, attaining the distinction of Distinguished Toastmaster. I also enjoy weightlifting, signing pertinent petitions on Facebook, acupuncture sessions, and putting together online jigsaw puzzles!