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Turning Point: Heidi E. Spear

Q Describe what you do in 15 words or less.
A As teacher and lifelong student, I passionately absorb and offer ancient teachings for joyful living.

Q Tell us about a turning point in your life.
A I took a weekend workshop with SARK, in which she helped us unearth our doubts and fears around putting creative work into the world. I noticed that, underneath the parts of me that were confident, there were parts of me I was hiding. SARK shared with us that she had experienced rejection, and that, with perseverance, she finally found a way to get her work into the world. All of a sudden, as if out of the blue, I was ready to look into the aspects of me I’d wanted to hide for so long. I was ready to muster the courage to start working on my life’s work, however that would show up. I fully believed, and still do, that as I watch myself unfold and bring my creative work into the world, I will be a light in the world for others to become who they truly are.

Q What do you love about teaching?
A Showing people a variety of ways in which we can live life from a place of freedom, possibility, and joy. Each of us can learn to tap into the current within, where peace, balance, love, and trust run deep and constant.

Q What are you passionate about right now?
A Learning and teaching how to navigate and revel in the mysteries of life. Specifically, I’m passionate about caring for and cultivating one’s inner landscape, which determines how one sees and experiences the world. Yoga and Ayurveda provide so many ideas for nourishing and tending to this blossoming inner landscape.

Q What do you do in your downtime?
A Once a week, I create a 24-hour break from the Internet, phone, and computer. I spend the day coloring, drinking tea, taking walks, writing letters, journaling, meditating, and practicing yoga. I do everything that day without an intention to get to a final product or goal. I practice just being me, moment to moment—the most authentic, unplugged version of me.