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Kripalu Yoga in the Schools (KYIS) Teacher Training

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Want to bring KYIS to a school in your community? Come to Kripalu for the KYIS Teacher Training, a weeklong intensive led by the creators of the KYIS curriculum, Janna Delgado and Iona Smith. Training participants develop proficiency in delivering the KYIS curriculum, a secular yoga program that is replicable and well-received in health and PE classes, to high school students.

“There was great fluidity in the presentation of the material…I enjoyed the practical experience of being a student as well as getting a chance to practice-teach a lesson. Those opportunities were invaluable. I also liked the information regarding the science. I think that information is important for getting buy-in from students and schools. Plus, I find it fascinating. I liked the real-life applications they provided, the anecdotes, experiential teachings, concrete resources, and leaving with tools to feel comfortable to teach teens.”
—KYIS Teacher Trainee

“I think the curriculum is phenomenal in its purpose, research, background, structure, and format. It is so accessible and useful as a tool for a teacher’s own understanding, approaching faculty, and supporting kids. The classes are brilliantly organized.”
—KYIS Teacher Trainee

“I believe in the KYIS program and value the impact this well-designed curriculum can have on young people.
—KYIS Teacher Trainee

Find out more about Kripalu Yoga in the Schools Teacher Training and how to apply.