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Kripalu Guest Stories: Jenn and Gary K.

Finding Flow

Positive Psychology gives a husband and wife the confidence to pursue their passion.

Jenn and Gary K. quote box

Jenn: Gary and I had been talking about studying Positive Psychology for a long time, and when we saw the e-mail from Kripalu about the Certificate in Positive Psychology (CiPP) program, we jumped at the opportunity. The most life-changing part of the course for me was studying the concept of flow. At the time, I was in a corporate job that I was comfortable in, but I didn’t feel fulfilled. I was anxious and sick to my stomach a lot, I had headaches. When I started looking more closely at my life, I realized I was not experiencing flow. The course gave me the courage to leave that position and join Gary in launching the Beautiful Mind Strong Body Center, dedicated to helping people live happier, healthier lives.

What I ultimately realized is that happiness precedes success. It’s scary to take that leap of faith. I don’t have all the answers. But this is what I’m supposed to be doing. We were in a “good enough” life before, but CiPP helped us realize that there’s so much more potential for happiness and meaning when we choose to pursue our passions.

Gary: I’ve been working in the field of personal and leadership development for 20 years, but the approach taken by Tal, Megan, Maria, and the rest of the faculty was unlike any synthesis I’ve ever seen—not just in depth but also in breadth. We were blown away by how securely the course is founded in science as well as application. There wasn’t a single thing that couldn’t be applied to my life and to our work. Our center focuses on the complete person, very much as CiPP does. We use yoga, meditation, and other practices to help people build healthier bodies and minds, and now we interweave Positive Psychology into everything we offer—in our consultations with private clients and organizations, as well as our daily classes and workshops. We use the tenets, philosophy, and approach we learned to make what we offer better and more meaningful.

Through the program, we developed an amazing community of like-minded people around the world. There were 170 of us in the course, and each one of us has imparted the wisdom and tools we’ve learned to others. As a group, we have already impacted tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of lives. I truly believe we are changing history.

—Jenn and Gary K., Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania