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Kripalu Guest Stories: Megan and Mollie

Sister Act

Kripalu—and Reiki—brings siblings closer together

Megan Mollie

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We started coming to Kripalu because we are best friends who live on opposite coasts, and this was a way for us to have sister time for a few days each year, just the two of us. We both have busy lives with our school-aged kids and our careers. We can’t wait to sneak away to the gorgeous scenery, the quiet, the outrageously good food, and the shop! We love to spend time on personal growth, and we love that we get to experience it together. We’ve done R&R Retreats and workshops on chanting, expanding our intuition, and, most recently, Reiki.

We’re both fascinated with energy and energy work, and we decided to take Reiki I and Reiki II with the amazing Libby Barnett. We loved her open, kindhearted approach. Learning about healing was so life-changing, so empowering, and touched us very deeply. On Mollie’s 40th birthday, with Libby presiding, we became Reiki Masters!

We do Reiki on ourselves every day, and sometimes we do long-distance Reiki on each other. It’s a way to pay gentle, loving attention to yourself, and to the other people in your life. It’s our daily healing practice, along with meditation. And it’s extra special for us because it’s something we share, connecting us across 3,000 miles.

—Megan M., San Francisco, California (left), and Mollie M., New York, New York