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Group Retreats: Sample Workshops

The following is a sampling of workshops offered through Group Retreats. Choose from these, or work with our retreat specialists to craft the perfect blend of workshops and activities for your group.



Yoga Basics
Fundamental alignment principles of yoga postures, and how to make adjustments needed for skill and confidence in any practice.

Sun Salutations
Learn the basic principles of alignment and safety in the most fundamental sequence in Hatha Yoga, Surya Namaskar, or Sun Salutations.

Slow Flow
Relieve stress in the body, mind, and heart by slowing down and diving back into life’s movement in a more conscious and life-enhancing way.

Dynamic Yoga
With breath as the key, flow from the details of alignment to a deeper internal awareness through this guided training session in willful concentration.

Energy Flow
Receive direct and grounded understanding of how energy works in the body that allows us to access personal power and attain enhanced perception.

Chair Yoga
Beneficial for back care, stress reduction, increased energy levels, and joint pain and stiffness, these simple movements are great for travel, working at a desk, or whenever you need a little yoga.

Yoga for Vitality
A combination of in-depth breathwork, gentle asana, and partner work. Learn a simple 10-step series of exercises that can be done daily to re-fuel, reenergize, and rebalance.

Yoga for Restful Sleep
Explore various gentle yoga postures and breathing techniques to support the process of winding down from a busy day, calm the nervous system, and begin to prepare the body/mind for a restful and rejuvenating sleep.

Restorative Yoga
Restorative yoga is the perfect way to practice just “being.” Take a journey inwards and balance, replenish, and revitalize body, mind, and spirit.

Yoga Philosophy and Values

The History of Yoga
Deepen the intention guiding your practice as you learn the philosophy and history of yoga. Explore the evolution of yoga from its deepest roots in meditation to our modern postural practice in the West.

The Eight Limbs
In this workshop, we break yoga down to its eight main components as espoused by Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras and discover how postures are only a small part of this practice.

Ten Ways to Heal Your Life
Explore the yamas and niyamas, the ethical practices which form the fertile foundation of yoga, and discover how to incorporate 10 new ways to promote vitality and wellness into your life.

The Philosophy and Wisdom of Yoga
Explore the founding principles of yoga, which can serve as a base of inquiry for modern-day living, free will, the concept of perfection, and the power of self-awareness.

Yoga off the Mat
Yoga is the art of living with compassionate presence. Using yogic philosophy, we study and practice being in the present moment, an exercise that heightens the quality of our lives.

Practices of the Heart
Cultivate loving-kindness, compassion, joy for others, and equanimity for ourselves. Inquire into the way your thoughts, speech, and actions contribute to or detract from your potency and life force.

Exploring the Whole Self
Learn about the koshas, experience self-observation without judgment, and connect with the whole self through a deeper understanding of our many layers.

Qualities of Consciousness
Delve into the conversation and exploration of tantric yoga’s six principles of consciousness. Expand into the rich landscape of seeing the world through the lens of yoga and experience the diverse layers of the human experience.

Everyday Living
Discover the spiritual essence that rests in everyday, practical life. Explore both the essence and the form of spiritual practice using mindful meditation techniques, discussion, inspirational reading, and journaling.

Meditation and Pranayama

Introduction to Meditation
Learn the basics of meditation in this workshop that focuses on concentration techniques for the beginner.

Awareness Meditation
For people with meditation experience. Explore the next level of meditation using awareness techniques, including sound meditation, slow motion prana, and Zen.

Loving-Kindness Meditation
Explore this heart-centered form of meditation, also known as Metta. Loving-kindness is a healing form of meditation that you can send to your loved ones, yourself, and the whole world.

Meditation in Motion
Allow prana to take the lead and move the body spontaneously, helping you to create a practice customized to your needs.

Drumming Meditation
Explore the meditative qualities of drumming using repetitive movement, rhythm, and uplifting and entraining energy. Enjoy a new way to meditate!

Gratitude Meditation
During this guided meditation session, we will cultivate the life-changing practice of gratitude. Count your blessings and you’ll find that every day is filled with precious gifts.

Introduction to Pranayama
Learn the basics of yogic breathing. This class will cover Dirgha (Three-Part yogic breath), Ujjayi (Victorious or Ocean-Sounding breath) and Nadi Shodhana (Alternate Nostril Breath).

Pranayama 201
For people with previous pranayama experience. Take your pranayama practice to the next level with detailed instruction on Kapalabhati (Skull-Polishing Breath), Bhastrika (Bellows Breath), and Sitali/Sitkari (Cooling Breath).

Inward Diving
Inward diving is the practice of pranayama with the use of a blindfold and powerful rhythmic music—a potent technique for accessing deep states of introversion and preparing the mind for meditation.

The Discipline of Freedom
Dive into the depths of yogic philosophy and breathwork as a method to gain freedom from past traumas and fears.

Mind and Body Wellness

Mindful Eating
Mindful eating is a practice of exploring our relationships with food and ourselves, and can deepen our understanding of food and all that nourishes us.

Detox 24/7
Explore the elements of a science-based detoxification diet, including critical nutrients that support toxin removal.

Food and Mood
Hear the latest research and ideas on nutrients, eating habits, and lifestyle choices most supportive of lifelong mental health.

A Natural Way to a Healthy Weight
Nourish your body and your whole being by enjoying whole foods that support lifelong natural wellness.

Cultivating Inner Strength
Uncover a basic understanding of the nervous system and its role in resilience and explore tools for developing inner strength and resiliency.

Extraordinary Living
This workshop explores the scientific and yogic evidence behind regulating emotions, and how we can implement “riding the wave” in our own lives.

Accessing Inner Wisdom
Practice ways to listen to our inner voice, attuning ourselves to our inherent, deep knowing. Discover how to respond to dharma, that sense of inner brilliance.

Awaken to Healing
In a busy world, finding peace of mind is not only a precious experience, it is also vital for health and wellness. Access deep states of integration through the simple exercise of yoga nidra, also known as mindful relaxation.

Transforming Stress
Stress is the cause of many chronic diseases and is the single greatest medical risk to maintaining good health. Come learn how stress affects your body and how self-care is your first step in the prevention of illness.

Feel the Body Alive
Explore and expand the connection to the body through this discussion- and experience-based workshop. Create greater health, a deeper spiritual experience, and a fuller life.

Fitness and Exercise

Creative Core
A strong core means feeling stable and empowered. Tone up, strengthen, and increase your flexibility and endurance while calming the spirit and soothing the mind.

Circuit Training: Tone and Strengthen
Cardio, strength, and flexibility training are integral parts of any exercise program. Combine these methods in this full-body circuit workout designed to improve your overall health.

Learn to Love Exercise
Tap into enthusiasm and transform monotony into enjoyment with these simple yet powerful techniques that help you learn to love exercise. Practice conscious-living techniques that can change your life and set the stage for healthy aging.

Get a great physioball workout, share some laughs, and leave feeling refreshed and invigorated. This workshop includes warm-ups, light cardio, strength training, and cooldown.

Guided Nature Walk
Awaken your senses as you commune directly with nature’s elements on a guided walk through the beautiful grounds of Kripalu.

Guided Labyrinth Walk
Come learn about Kripalu’s outdoor labyrinth and experience how it can be a tool for growth, transformation, reflection, and guidance.


Guided Hiking or Snowshoeing
Kripalu is situated in the heart of the Berkshire’s Yokun Ridge Trail system, offering miles of paths for all levels of hiking and walking. Take a guided stroll to the lake or an afternoon trek atop Baldhead Mountain with our experienced guides. Snowshoeing available during winter months.

Guided Kayaking (seasonal)
Join our certified guides for a kayaking excursion on beautiful Stockbridge Bowl. Choose from a variety of levels, from robust to meditative, while learning essential paddling skills and techniques.

Standup Paddle Boarding (seasonal)
Standup Paddle Boarding offers a fun, relaxing way to play on the water. Craft your experience to engage in a gentle instructional activity, a yoga session, or for a full-body workout.


Living Rhythms: An Introduction to Ayurveda
Ayurveda is the oldest known tradition of healing on the planet. This ancient wisdom focuses on simple seasonal diet and lifestyle adjustments according to the nature of the individual.

Ayurvedic Tools for Renewal
Learn basic Ayurvedic practices to enhance well-being and energy for the mind and body. We discuss the Ayurvedic daily routine and cleansing of the senses to promote physical, psychological, and spiritual thriving.

Revitalize Your Energy Currents
Energy travels in the body through five currents, called the vayus. Knowledge of the energy currents can help us understand our own bodies and facilitate relaxation and energy flow in everyday activities.

Ayurvedic Self-Massage
Ayurvedic self-massage is simple, relaxing, and brings you into your natural healing state. This easy flow of postures and Ayurvedic self-massage will free your energy channels and increase your body awareness and flexibility.

Stoking the Agni
Agni is the “internal fire” that drives digestion, assimilation, and metabolism. Learn how to improve the body’s absorption of nutrients and strengthen your core.


Ayurvedic Nutrition for the Seasons
Balance your diet seasonally to keep your digestion running smoothly. Learn how to use Ayurvedic principles to regain a healthy balance and good digestive health.

Healthy Weight with Ayurveda
Maintain weight naturally with Ayurvedic techniques that have been successfully practiced for over 5,000 years. Learn simple daily routines, seasonal routines, seasonal grocery-shopping lists, and easy practices to boost your health, longevity, and confidence.

Simple Ayurvedic Home Cleanse
Learn the basic principles of Ayurveda and ritucharya (seasonal routine) while focusing on the importance of gently and safely cleansing the body at the juncture of each season. This easy cleanse is done at home and is highly effective in the detoxification of the body.

A Good Night’s Sleep
Pulling from the Yogic and Ayurveda traditions, as well as the latest in scientific research, this workshop offers simple yet powerful tools that can help you get a good night’s rest.

Creativity and Fun

The Soul of Creativity
Come discover that life is art and that we are simply artists of ourselves. This highly experiential workshop is a fun, fail-safe, and inspiring place to explore the creativity you may not even know you have.

Finding Balance: A Hands-On Inquiry
Come explore a hands-on creative inquiry into “finding balance.” Using found objects and/or items of your own choosing, we create a simple tabletop or hanging mobile of your own design.

Color Flow
Partner drawing facilitates the melting away of the inner critic. No one is the author, which assists us in feeling liberated and confident to create. Enjoy this safe and sacred space in which to cultivate your creative flow of energy.

The Joy of Divine Play
Ancient yogic texts describe Lila as the play of the Divine, who creates freely for the pure joy of it. Come discover the freedom of embracing your spontaneous, unpredictable Lila spirit through movement, dance, stories, and yoga improvisation.

Drum Circle
The drum circle is an ancient, empowering, and joyful way to gather and unite. This transformative workshop will guide you through a series of world beats, enabling you to discover and explore your own innate rhythms.

Hula Hooping: Flowing Through Life
Awaken your inner child while you play, move, and flow in this invigorating and playful class. During our time together, we explore the flowing nature of our bodies through movement and hula-hooping.

Laughter is the Best Medicine
It’s medically proven that laughter helps lower the stress hormone cortisol, and releases the “happy” chemical serotonin. Come exercise your laughter muscles!

Swift Ink
In this lighthearted writing class, you complete a series of quick, interactive writing exercises designed to dissolve the internal editor and allow you to “speak your truth.” No writing experience necessary. Laughter may ensue.

Word Collage
Let your intentions guide you through random printed matter as you create a word collage. Piece together found phrases with those of your own and take home a vivid reminder of your aspirations.