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Kripalu Recipes: Amaranth and Quinoa Salad

This dish comes straight from Kripalu’s natural-foods kitchen, which promotes healthy lifestyles and well-being through delicious nutrition. Whole grains are an excellent source of fiber and the B-vitamin complex (good for the nervous system). They are a grounding food, supporting calm and balance.

Both amaranth and quinoa are ancient grains that were staples in Aztec and Incan civilizations respectively. Amaranth, high in protein, the amino acid lysine, fiber, and calcium, has an earthy, sweet taste and a sticky texture when cooked. The National Academy of Sciences has called quinoa, a grain-like food that is fluffy and light when cooked, "one of the best sources of vegetable protein in the vegetable kingdom." Quinoa has a rich, nutty flavor and is a great alternative for people with wheat and corn allergies. Both amaranth and quinoa are often imported, but with growing demand in the United States, quinoa and amaranth are now being grown in a few states including Colorado, Illinois, and Nebraska.

This salad is great for a weekend brunch and serves approximately 10 people as a side salad. Experiment a little…

1 1/2 cups quinoa (washed and roasted until slightly brown)
1/2 cup amaranth (washed and roasted until slightly brown)
1/3 cup dried spearmint leaf
1/2 TB each of cumin, coriander, sea salt, onion powder
1/3 cup diced carrots, celery, red onion
1/3 cup washed and chopped fresh parsley
1/3 cup sunflower seeds
3 cups vegetable stock
2 TB freshly squeezed lime juice


  1. Use the widest pan you have. If the mixture cooks in a narrow deep pan it tends to clump up.
  2. Add all ingredients (except lime juice) into the pan and simmer until all moisture is absorbed.
  3. Add the lime juice at the end and refrigerate uncovered.

Serve and enjoy!

Source: Kripalu Kitchen.

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