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Kripalu Compass

Our monthly e-mail publication featuring short articles, updates on what’s new at Kripalu, and a variety of inspirational and informative pieces. Below, we archive previous issues of Kripalu Compass (formerly Kripalu Online).

For a wealth of engaging articles from Kripalu Compass and our catalogs, please visit our Kripalu Articles page. You can also find new inspiration for your taste buds in the many delicious recipes featured in Kripalu Recipes.

Recent Issues

March 2014
Feature Article: “Finding My Inner Warrior” by Bhava Ram (Brad Willis)
Recipes: Ginger Scones
Other: The High School Brain on Yoga, I am Judging You, the Kripalu Approach to Nutritional Wellness, and more!

February 2014
Feature Article: “P is for Perfectionism, M is for Mindfulness: A Guide to Getting Unstuck,” by Arnie Kozak
Recipes: Berkshire Pie
Podcast: Power in Practice, with Bryan Kest
Other: Feeding Your Brain, Lessons From a Winter Walk, Do What You Love, and more!

January 2014
Feature Article: “Together,” by Meggan Watterson
Recipes: Squash Bisque
Other: Thriving After Cancer, Kripalu Yoga in the Schools, Crafting the Resilient Life, and more!

December 2013
Feature Article: Separation: An Excerpt from The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible, by Charles Eisenstein
Recipes: Pumpkin-Chocolate Pie
Other: Bhakti Bliss at Kripalu, What if we’re doing the best we can?, Kripalu school of Ayurveda in NYC.