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Kripalu Compass

Our monthly e-mail publication featuring short articles, updates on what’s new at Kripalu, and a variety of inspirational and informative pieces. Below, we archive previous issues of Kripalu Compass (formerly Kripalu Online).

For a wealth of engaging articles from Kripalu Compass and our catalogs, please visit our Kripalu Articles page. You can also find new inspiration for your taste buds in the many delicious recipes featured in Kripalu Recipes.

Recent Issues

February 2015
Feature Article: “The Story of You: Writing as a Tool for Self-Discovery”
Recipes: Lemon Poppy Seed Bread
Podcast: On Becoming a Yoga Teacher, with Micah Mortali
Making an Impact: $15 for 2015
Other: How Science Explains Yoga—and Love, Do This Now: Anjali Mudra, My Long Love Affair with Kripalu Yoga, Relationships as Spiritual Practice, and more!

January 2015
Feature Article: “The Care and Feeding of Your Brain,” a Q&A with Kathie Madonna Swift
Recipes: Kale with Pepitas
Video: What Students Say About Positive Psychology
Making an Impact: Kripalu Yoga in the Schools
Do This Now: Child’s Pose
Other: We Wish You a Resilient New Year; Ayurveda to Boost your Immunity; Yoga Teacher Training, Two Ways; His & Hers R&R; and more!

December 2014
Feature Article: “Optimal Love,” by Tal Ben-Shahar
Recipes: Baked Winter Squash with Honey Walnuts
Podcast: Yoga for the Absolute Beginner, with Cristie Newhart
The Secret to Creating a Resilient Life
Other: Achieve Your Health and Weight-Loss Goals, Yoga School Is In, The Power of Simply Looking, Making An Impact: Kripalu Scholarships, and more!

November 2014
Feature Article: “You Can Heal Your Heart,” by David Kessler and Louise Hay
Recipes: Roasted Vegetables with Dates
Video: A Calming Meditation, with Jennifer Reis
Making An Impact: Coming Back to Life with Ayurveda
Other: R&R Retreat Special, Nutrition Matters, The Letter I Never Sent, Why Go 500?, and more!