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Kripalu Library

Inspiring words. Useful information. Great recipes.

In an effort to provide you with ongoing means of discovery, inspiration, and information, we invite you to browse our Resources section, which includes articles, recipes, publications, and links to related websites. Check these pages periodically, as we aim to grow this collection.


Access articles on a range of topics, including yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, health, and the yoga of life. These articles have appeared in Kripalu Compass, our monthly e-newsletter, or in the quarterly Kripalu catalog.

Thrive Blog

For Thrive, we’ve enlisted members of Kripalu faculty and our larger community to share their views on matters related to yoga, health, wellness, and conscious living. You’ll find insights on these core themes, as well as opinions and advice on wide-ranging topics, including relationships, happiness, creativity, and spirituality.


Each month in Kripalu Compass, we feature one or two recipes, highlighting the health benefits of a particular ingredient. Here you will find a collection of all of these delicious and healthy recipes, as well as tips for conscious eating.

Yoga Breaks

Download your favorite Kripalu Yoga Breaks in mp3 format to your mobile device—for relaxation and rejuvenation wherever you are.

Kripalu Perspectives

Enjoy the inspirational thoughts of some of Kripalu’s faculty—leading teachers, writers, and thinkers in the fields of yoga, health, and personal growth. Listen now, download for later, or subscribe via iTunes or RSS feed.

Nutritional Wisdom Videos

Making healthy—and lasting—changes to your life is possible. Kripalu’s Nutritional Wisdom videos are a great place for quick tips and information on health and nutrition from our leaders in the field.

Desktop Wallpaper

Download your favorite Kripalu desktop wallpaper—and enjoy the peace and beauty of the Berkshires every day.

Kripalu Guest Stories

Get inspired by people whose lives have been positively changed by their Kripalu experience.


In addition to our website, we produce a range of other materials, including the Kripalu catalog, Impact (exploring Kripalu’s mission and initiatives), Kripalu Compass, and the Yoga Bulletin.