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50 Ways to Support Healthy Weight Loss

  1. Cut out processed food.
  2. Sleep.
  3. Make time for relaxation.
  4. Slow it down.
  5. Take a walk in the morning.
  6. Eat more celery.
  7. Avoid eating after 7:00 pm.
  8. Spend time in nature.
  9. Eat more daikon radish.
  10. Move your body.
  11. Make the largest meal be lunch.
  12. Breathe.
  13. Throw out the television.
  14. Pray before you eat.
  15. Eat in community.
  16. Use chopsticks.
  17. Do art.
  18. Eat more grapefruit.
  19. Make time for friendship.
  20. Drink a glass of wine with dinner.
  21. Choose organic.
  22. greens and veggies
  23. Garden.
  24. Read food labels.
  25. Drink warm water/tea first thing to stimulate digestion.
  26. Hug someone.
  27. Let your fork rest between mouth visits.
  28. Chew.
  29. Make a commitment to leave work on time.
  30. Choose nourishing music.
  31. Eat with your hands.
  32. Throw out the scale.
  33. Get massage.
  34. Eat fiber foods, aka whole foods.
  35. Smell your food.
  36. Give thanks.
  37. Cook a meal for a friend.
  38. Eat more seaweed.
  39. Use spices.
  40. Reduce dairy.
  41. Lower your intake of meat.
  42. Redefine your relationship with sugar.
  43. Lower your love for coffee.
  44. relaxing on the grass
  45. Open to grace.
  46. Affirm your inner and outer beauty.
  47. Observe your relationship with food.
  48. Enjoy garlic even though your breath might stink.
  49. Eat a high-quality sweet treat; nourish your light!
  50. Carve out space for LOVE!
  51. Connect with your family.
  52. Honor the cycles of life.

©2006 Kripalu Nutrition, Danny Arguetty,,, All Rights Reserved