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Writing for Our Publications

Editorial Submission Guidelines for Kripalu Compass (formerly Kripalu Online)

Thank you for your interest in writing for Kripalu Compass, an e-publication of Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. We read submissions year-round but plan our editorial content up to six months in advance.

At Kripalu, we understand yoga as the inquiry into what creates a fulfilled life, and all of our articles aim to educate and inspire people in this inquiry. Kripalu Compass explores thought-provoking topics of relevance to people engaged in self-inquiry as they lead active, contemporary lives. Topics have included

  • The yoga of parenting
  • Creativity
  • The art of self-care
  • Yoga and weight loss
  • Food as medicine
  • The path of unconditional happiness
  • Silent retreats.

Kripalu Compass readers tend to be open-minded spiritual seekers who practice yoga and are interested in how to apply and integrate their on-the-mat practice into their daily lives, their decision making, and their well-being on every level. They are generally devoted to and supportive of Kripalu Center and Kripalu Yoga and interested in expanding and exploring their consciousness in the flexible and diverse ways that Kripalu offers. They are in search of connection, lifestyle solutions, and spiritual inspiration with which they can deepen and enhance their experience of being alive. Kripalu Compass serves as a doorway into a thriving and healthy community.

Before submitting an essay or article, please read a few issues by accessing our Kripalu Compass archive. We do not publish poetry or fiction and urge you to become familiar with our publication and with Kripalu in general before submitting.

If you have an essay or article concept you would like to propose, please send us a query letter and submit a one- to two-page writing sample.

If you have a written article or essay you would like to submit, please make sure that it is within the scope of our editorial guidelines and is 1,200–1,600 words. We prefer electronic submissions in the form of e-mail and/or Word document attachments; you may contact us at

We will contact you in the event that we are interested in running your essay or article.

Thank you again for your inquiry; we look forward to reading your work.