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Volunteer Program Curriculum

The Kripalu Volunteer Program is founded on the guiding principles of seva (selfless service), a heart-based practice within the canon of karma yoga (the yoga of action). The program curriculum includes practices, group discussions, and community learning experiences intended to provide meaningful opportunities for personal growth and development through the exploration of job responsibilities, dorm life, yoga, and self-reflection.

Upon arrival at Kripalu, volunteers receive a syllabus outlining specific course topics for our off-the-mat sessions. These workshops meet every Tuesday, from 4:15–6:15 pm. During the first three months, the sessions focus on the foundational principles of Kripalu Yoga as they apply to service, relationships, communication, and navigating one’s personal journey of self-discovery. Off-the-mat sessions during the second three months develop awareness, provide opportunities to explore the physical practice of yoga, and cultivate witness consciousness—the foundation of contemplative practice.

Off-the-mat topics include

  • Karma yoga
  • Witness consciousness
  • Choices and perspective
  • Conscious communication
  • The eight limbs of yoga.

In addition to off-the-mat workshops, volunteers in the community may lead or participate in a variety of optional classes and workshops.


We encourage a vibrant community experience sustained through Kripalu’s core values—Service, Presence, Integrity, Inquiry, Compassion and Practice. We invite each volunteer to take initiative in creating a positive community experience. Full participation in all aspects of the program is required. Volunteers are encouraged to share their experience and growth through their participation in a variety of community activities.

When you aren’t working and guest space allows, you can enjoy

  • Daily Kripalu Yoga and noon dance classes
  • R&R workshops
  • Evening events and programs
  • Volunteer and Intern led activities and events.

Kripalu Environment

  • Enjoy full use of Kripalu’s facilities, including whirlpool, sauna, fitness room, lakefront beach, nearby hiking trails, labyrinth, and more.
  • Live in same-gender dormitory housing.
  • Enjoy three healthy meals per day from our whole-foods kitchen.
  • Live in a community of people practicing an engaged, modern, spiritual lifestyle.