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Your Donations at Work

Kripalu’s mission is to empower people and communities to realize their full potential through the transformative wisdom and practice of yoga. We do this in many ways, especially through the effect that our guests have in their families, communities, and places of work and through the many Kripalu Yoga teachers and Kripalu Affiliate Studios in the United States (and in several locations abroad).

Among our notable institutional efforts:

Teaching for Diversity

These grants for yoga teachers support yoga classes for under-served populations that have included inner-city children, senior citizens, survivors of domestic violence, teen mothers, men and women in prisons, and many others. More than 130 teachers from the Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association or the International Association of Black Yoga Teachers have received grants since 2004.

Click here to see a slide show about the inspirational work of the Teaching for Diversity program.

Cutting-Edge Yoga Research

In conjunction with Harvard University, Kripalu’s Institute for Extraordinary Living (IEL) is undertaking numerous research programs that explore the effects of yoga.

Find out more about the IEL.

Yoga in the Local Schools

In the fall of 2007, Kripalu Yoga teachers began offering yoga in two local schools, with great results.

Read “Reading, Writing, Arithmetic—and Yoga,” from the spring 2008 issue of Puranam.

Watch a video from the IEL on their Yoga in Schools project.

Yoga in Prisons

A number of Kripalu Yoga teachers are bringing yoga and meditation to people in prison.

Read “Doing More than Time: Kripalu Yoga Finds Its Way Behind Bars,” from the spring 2008 issue of Puranam.


Scholarships have always been at the heart of Kripalu’s outreach work. In 2010, Kripalu provided more than $500,000 to help qualified recipients attend Kripalu programs and professional trainings.

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