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Practice Archive

Practice (formerly Yoga Bulletin) is a resource for yoga teachers and Ayurvedic Health Counselors. Featuring articles, interviews, tips, and updates to provide practical information and inspiration, it is published quarterly.

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Past Issues

Fall 2014
Integrating Ayurveda into Yoga Teaching: A Q&A with Larissa Hall Carlson
Chair Yoga and Acupressure for Well-being
Compassionate Warrior: A Combat Veteran Charts a New Course as a Yoga Teacher
Conference Workshops on Yoga Therapy for Specific Conditions
Getting to Know the Shoulder Joint (or How to do Push-ups)
The Yoga Therapy Perspective: Uncovering the Deeper Causes of Pain

Summer 2014
Letter from Yoganand: Tradition and Transformation
Two Easy Practices to Balance Mood
Healing Sciatica with Ashaya Yoga
Yoga for Specific Populations at KYTA Conference 2014
Yoga for the Whole Child
What to Expect (From Yoga) When You’re Expecting
KYTA Conference 2014: The Power of Yoga Therapy

Spring 2014
Ayurveda and the City: Five Tips for Thriving in an Urban Environment
Bulletin Board: Updates from the Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association
Block by Block: Social Media to Expand Your Student and Client Base
The Studio Space: Featuring Dream Yoga Studio and Wellness Center
Holding the Pose, Side by Side: Yoga Strengthens Bonds in a High School Classroom
Next of Kin: When Student and Class Don’t Match
Bookmarks: Yoga and the Quest for the True Self
A Family Thing: Reflections from the Newest Graduates in a Family of Kripalu Yoga Teachers

Winter 2013
Realigning as We Move into the Future: A Letter from David Lipsius, Kripalu’s CEO
Recommitting to the Core Teachings: A Message from Micah Mortali
New Year, New Students: A Resolution for Retention, by Janis Bowersox
Fireside Yoga Tales, by Yoganand Michael Carroll
Sangha Solutions: A Teachers’ Q&A
Bookmarks: Highlighting Passages From Our Favorite Texts
Yoga Teacher as Threshold Guardian: Harnessing the Power of Myth, by Siobhan McAuley
Yoga on Disc and on the Page: Recently Released Products From KYTA Teachers and Kripalu Faculty

Fall 2013
Refining the Vision for Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training: A Q&A with Randal Williams
Yoga Everywhere: Featuring Rochelle Jewell, Teacher of Yoga for Disabled Teens and Adults
Sneak Peek: New Workshops at KYTA Conference 2013
The High School Brain on Yoga, by Iona M. Smith
Thinking Body, Feeling Mind, by Megan McDonough
So you want to Open a Yoga Studio: Six Tips for Navigating the Territory, by Janis Bowersox