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Practice (formerly Yoga Bulletin) is a resource for yoga teachers and Ayurvedic Health Counselors. Featuring articles, interviews, tips, and updates to provide practical information and inspiration, it is published quarterly.

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Past Issues

Summer 2015
The Benefits of Abhyanga, the Loving Practice of Self-Massage
Chill Out with Ayurveda: Recipes and Practices for Staying Cool in the Pitta Season
Vedanta: The Ultimate Truth
The Impact of Yoga on Lifestyle Disease: Research and Ramifications
Evolution in Service to the Mission: A Letter from David
The Wisdom of Jyotish
Igniting Ojas and Tejas: A Sneak Peek at Kripalu’s 24th Annual Yoga Teachers Conference

Spring 2015
Ayurveda for Yoga Teachers: A Q&A with John Douillard
The Nectar in Your Heart: Swami Kripalu’s Teachings on Love in the Family
Measuring the Health of Your Yoga Business
Yoga Teacher, Heal Thyself: Building a Foundation of Self-Care
On the Mat and Out of Your Comfort Zone: The Benefits of Practicing Advanced Asana
Ayurvedic Wisdom for Springing into the New Season
Why Yoga Research Matters: Enhancing Impact for Adolescents and Society

Winter 2014
Letter from the Director
Advanced Asanas as Doorways to Awareness
The Art and Science of Yoga Nidra
Teaching Yoga to Children
Ayurveda for Digestion
Growing Your Garden: Inspiration for the New Year

Fall 2014
Integrating Ayurveda into Yoga Teaching: A Q&A with Larissa Hall Carlson
Chair Yoga and Acupressure for Well-being
Compassionate Warrior: A Combat Veteran Charts a New Course as a Yoga Teacher
Conference Workshops on Yoga Therapy for Specific Conditions
Getting to Know the Shoulder Joint (or How to do Push-ups)
The Yoga Therapy Perspective: Uncovering the Deeper Causes of Pain