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Teaching for Diversity Program

The Teaching for Diversity Program provides grants and scholarships to members of the Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association (KYTA) and the International Association of Black Yoga Teachers (IABYT). Members receive grants and scholarships to teach in disadvantaged schools or to diverse populations such as ethnic minorities and those socially, economically, or physically challenged.

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and KYTA one more time for awarding the Teaching for Diversity Grant. The work that your program enables astounds me, and I am deeply excited to be part of a community as meaningful as KYTA.
—Thomas P.

Read about past grant recipients.

View a list of populations served.

Check out research on the benefits of Kripalu Yoga with under-served populations.

Grants to Teach Yoga in Schools

Through the Rachel Greene Memorial Fund (RGMF), established in memory of yoga teacher Rachel Greene, are awarded to yoga teachers and classroom teachers for curriculum designed to bring yoga into disadvantaged public schools. Complete an application online here or download a PDF to print and mail.

FAQ for RGMF Applications

How much will the award be if my application is approved?
Each award will be based on cost of training, or whatever the fund can bear.

When will I receive my award if approved?
If attending a training program, you will be reimbursed the approved amount upon completion of the training program within 4–6 weeks. Awards for teaching will be made upon completion of agreed upon number of classes with the TFD program administrator.

May I use my award to offer an after-school program?
Yes, if offered through a location approved by the school.

May I apply if I’ve received a previous award from the RGMF or TFD?

May I start classes in the spring or fall of the school year?
It is possible, with written confirmation from the school, that you may deliver classes throughout school year.

Do I need to attend training prior to teaching in the Title One School?
Training for teaching yoga to children in a classroom setting is highly recommended.

Are there previous award recipients with experience I can connect with regarding this opportunity?
Yes, a list with contact information will be provided upon request.

Grants to Teach Yoga in Diverse Populations

You must be a member of the Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association (KYTA) or the International Association of Black Yoga Teachers (IABYT). If you are not already a member, please learn about how to become one.

Grant Award Process for Teaching in Schools or Diverse Populations

  1. Applications are accepted starting on December 1. Complete the application forms and send to with “TFD” and your name in the subject line.
  2. Provide a letter from the organization where you will be teaching confirming they will be hosting your classes.
  3. You will be informed of the grant decision via e-mail shortly after your application is received.
  4. Upon completion of the grant requirements and receipt of all materials, grants will be awarded.

Grant Requirements

Once approved and classes are completed, you must provide the following to insure payment:

Teaching for Diversity FAQs

Who is eligible to apply for a Teaching for Diversity grant?
Any member of the Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association or the International Association of Black Yoga Teachers

Are you currently accepting applications?
We begin accepting applications December 1.

Can I submit my application early?
We do not accept applications before December 1.

How much is the typical award?
The typical award is $500.

If my application for a Teaching for Diversity grant is accepted, when will I receive my award?
Upon completion of the grant requirements outlined above and receipt of all materials, you will receive your award. Please send materials to

What if I need to buy props to deliver my classes to the under-served population of my choice?
An exception may be made so that you can receive your funding upfront to purchase props. Please note this need on your application.

Can I reapply for a Teaching for Diversity grant every year?
You can, although funding is granted to first-time applicants first.

I want to learn more about working with an under-served population. Who can I talk to?
You can access the listing of past grant recipients on connect with those who have worked with the population you are interested in working with using the “Find a Teacher” search.

You can also post a question about working with a specific under-served population on the KYTA Community Forum. Just visit to access. Free and easy to sign up, the forum gives you access to a worldwide network of yoga teachers that you can ask questions of and share inspiration with.

Contact Information

By Mail
Kripalu Center
PO Box 309
Stockbridge, MA 01262

By E-mail

Questions about the grant award process?
Contact us at or 413.448.3371.

Required Forms

Please see application process and grant requirements for materials required in addition to completed forms.