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Yoga Bulletin

Published four times a year by the Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association (KYTA), the Yoga Bulletin is a resource for yoga teachers featuring articles, interviews, tips, and updates to provide practical information and inspiration.

Past Issues

Spring 2014
Ayurveda and the City: Five Tips for Thriving in an Urban Environment
Bulletin Board: Updates from the Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association
Block by Block: Social Media to Expand Your Student and Client Base
The Studio Space: Featuring Dream Yoga Studio and Wellness Center
Holding the Pose, Side by Side: Yoga Strengthens Bonds in a High School Classroom
Next of Kin: When Student and Class Don’t Match
Bookmarks: Yoga and the Quest for the True Self
A Family Thing: Reflections from the Newest Graduates in a Family of Kripalu Yoga Teachers

Winter 2013
Realigning as We Move into the Future: A Letter from David Lipsius, Kripalu’s CEO
Recommitting to the Core Teachings: A Message from Micah Mortali
New Year, New Students: A Resolution for Retention, by Janis Bowersox
Fireside Yoga Tales, by Yoganand Michael Carroll
Sangha Solutions: A Teachers’ Q&A
Bookmarks: Highlighting Passages From Our Favorite Texts
Yoga Teacher as Threshold Guardian: Harnessing the Power of Myth, by Siobhan McAuley
Yoga on Disc and on the Page: Recently Released Products From KYTA Teachers and Kripalu Faculty

Fall 2013
Refining the Vision for Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training: A Q&A with Randal Williams
Yoga Everywhere: Featuring Rochelle Jewell, Teacher of Yoga for Disabled Teens and Adults
Sneak Peek: New Workshops at KYTA Conference 2013
The High School Brain on Yoga, by Iona M. Smith
Thinking Body, Feeling Mind, by Megan McDonough
So you want to Open a Yoga Studio: Six Tips for Navigating the Territory, by Janis Bowersox

Summer 2013
Out of the Studio and Into the World: Teaching Yoga in Schools and in the Workplace
Yoga with Your Furry Friend: Practicing with Pups
Sneak Peek: Workshops at KYTA Conference 2013
Yoga Everywhere, Featuring Helene McGlauflin, Yoga Instructor for Schoolteachers
Yoga on Disc and on the Page: New books and CDs by KYTA Members and Kripalu Faculty