Creativity Corner – National Poetry Month

Posted on April 18th, 2012 by in Creative Corner

During my yoga teacher training, I set an intention to write a poem for every asana and to write each poem as if it were an offering. This is a practice of using my writing as an offering as well—to shine the light on someone who has inspired or touched my life.

I’ve dedicated this poem to Devarshi, one of my yoga teachers with a photo of the cherry blossoms in Washington DC—the place where I really cultivated my yoga practice and set my intention to be a teacher. There’s also the resonance of the blossoms—a blending of East and West and the gift of nature.


Coat Sleeve Pratapana

for Devarshi


Imagine a thousand snow globes of every place you’ve ever been,

all that you’ve tasted, all that has moved you,

all that you have loved.


Good pilgrim, shake all that glitter inside you

re-awakening your own inner magic

a thousand worlds shining through you


and as you return to stillness

notice who you truly are in this moment.


Carly Sachs is a poet, fiction writer, journalist, and Kripalu Yoga teacher. Her short story “Tender” was recently read on NPR’s Selected Shorts program. She is the author of the steam sequence, and the editor of the anthology, the why and later.

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