Inner View: Aruni Nan Futuronsky [VIDEO]

Posted on April 19th, 2012 by in Inner View

Get to know the people who make Kripalu such a unique place through the personal stories featured in our Inner View series.

In this week’s Inner View, Senior Life Coach and Kripalu Healthy Living faculty member Aruni Nan Futuronsky shares her wisdom regarding suffering, enjoying life, and accepting the nature of reality.


About Aruni Nan Futuronsky, Life Coach, RYT

Aruni, Senior Life Coach and Program Advisor for the Kripalu Healthy Living programs, is a certified professional-level Kripalu Yoga teacher. She has been teaching in a variety of diverse venues for more than 35 years and has been on the Kripalu faculty for more than 20. Author of Recovering My Voice: A Memoir of Chaos, Spirituality, and Hope, and her latest book, Already Home: Stories of a Seeker, Aruni has also developed the Kripalu coaching methodology, based in presence and right action.
  • Kathy Miller Fiore

    Ah, Aruni! So wonderful to see your face and hear your voice. I’ve found thru some “non-judgemental self-observation” that the things I let get to me are not worth the pain it causes me. Still a work in progress, I continue to strive for peace and serenity. I am very excited to say I will be joining your IIQ group in October. See you then. Kathy (Miller) Fiore  

    • Aruni Nan Futuronsky

      Hi, Kathy.  Thanks so much for being YOU.  And for showing up, right here and right now.  I hear you, girl.  See you in October!!!
      Sending love, etc., hugs, and the like:

  • Dottie Clark

    So Hum

    • Aruni Nan Futuronsky

      Hi, Dottie.  Good to “hear your voice”.  So? 


  • Dottie j Clark

    Loved seeing your face in this post. Your brilliant insights and those two words have saved me from many times of unnecessary emotion and judgments.You are the best. Will see or talk with you soon. Our paths will most definitely cross again.