Kripalu Yoga Posture Clinic: Cat/Cow

Posted on May 30th, 2012 by in Yoga

Welcome to Kripalu Yoga Posture Clinic, week one! Here, Devarshi Steven Hartman, Dean of the Kripalu School of Yoga, and Jovinna Chan, Assistant Dean, share sound tips to help your yoga practice soar. These clips can be enjoyed independently or as a series for a complete practice, once they’re all published. Come back every Wednesday for this 12 week series! Enjoy!


  • Rob Schultz

    Ah!  Two of my favorite yogis doing two of my favorite asana <3

  • Jennyrollsyoga

    Nice! Super stoked for more ‘Kriplau Yoga Posture Clinic’ – a new reason to love Wednesdays :)


  • KripaluEditor

    Thanks for commenting, Jennyrollsyoga. We’re excited to offer these instructional videos with our senior teachers. 

  • Joan Twigg

    This is great! Thanks Devarshi & Jovinna!

  • Jen

    Wonderful! Would love to request some advanced poses – wheel, balancing half moon, crow, headstand….Jai Bhagwan!

    • KripaluEditor

      That sounds like a great idea! We’ll see what we can do. Thanks, Jen!