Nourishing the Teacher

Posted on August 21st, 2012 by in Yoga

The other weekend in a yoga teacher training, we had a lovely woman guide our group in the basics of restorative yoga. At the end of the night, seeing my students in the sweet, post-practice daze, I tried to recall the last time I put my legs up the wall and covered my eyes with my lavender eye pillow. It had been a while.

Life as a yoga teacher can get busy. E-mails, cooking, writing, leading classes, planning, marketing, meeting with students, Facebook updates, and studying are only the beginning. Throw in social engagements, kids, community work, an additional job, and phone calls to loved ones, and there are simply not enough hours in the day.

Is that really true, though? When I took a closer look at my life I realized that, in reality, I wasn’t choosing to make space to nourish myself more fully. Although pampering myself is wonderful in and of itself, the idea of self-care also  supports my role as a yoga teacher. The day after I get a massage, I feel more clear-headed and restored. Ten minutes into Legs-Up-the-Wall gives me renewed energy. Making time for genuine connection with loved ones reminds me of my appreciation of the intricacy and beauty of the human psyche.

When I take time to care for myself, I am able to show up with greater capacity for my students. A hike in nature inspires me to come up with a theme for a class. Taking a bath helps my body stay limber for posture demos. Making time for a sensual massage with my beloved supports my heart in staying open and connected.

Tell us how you nourish the teacher.      


About Danny Arguetty, MA, E-RYT

Danny has studied and practiced extensively in Kripalu, Anusara, and Vinyasa yoga. He blends skillful alignment cues, playful postures, and creative flows to facilitate a heart-opening journey of conscious inquiry. Danny was a faculty member at Kripalu from 2006–2011, teaching classes, workshops, and segments of Kripalu’s teacher training programs. He currently leads 200-Hour yoga teacher trainings nationwide for Yoga Six and a 500-Hour advanced training in India. Danny is the author of Nourishing the Teacher and is in the process of completing his second book The 6 Qualities of Consciousness.
  • Vicky

    Thank you Danny, this is one of the most important things I need to be reminded of as a teacher/healer. Your book has been a great guide int his process. I have learned to say no, I have learned to say yes. I have learned how to be quiet with myself. Daily meditation has been key in my own self care. A truly great teacher is an authentic one, practice what you preach!

    • Danny

      Said with such grace! Love it…walking the path, one step at at ime. HUGS!