10 Principles of Nutritional Health

Posted on October 19th, 2012 by in Kripalu Kitchen, Nutrition

Here, at Kripalu, there are nutritional tenets that substantiate our approach to food. By applying these principles, you can enjoy your food in healthful ways that promote well-being.


  • Arjan Deva Singh

    Bapuji said to eat until 3/4 full.

    • KripaluEditor

      Hi Arjan,
      Thanks for sharing. Moderation is wise.
      Kim from Kripalu

  • Janice

    I would add some more to this:
    11. Eat foods that others cook for you! (Why would we deny ourselves the gift that others give us by cooking for us??)
    12. Eat in rhythm to your body’s queues for that day. If we stick strictly to meal times we often miss out on the wisdom of our body at that moment for that particular day. For instance, on days when one is very physically active those intervals may be different than on more sedentary days.

    • KripaluEditor

      Hi Janice,
      Thanks for your thoughts! We love the idea of eating foods prepared by others. We are spoiled here at Kripalu with Deb Morgan cooking for us!
      Kim from Kripalu

  • http://twitter.com/eatingpath2yoga Eating Path 2 Yoga

    I think the aspects of joy & mindfulness should be added. Om Shanti!