Top 5 Things We Love About Wanderlust

Posted on June 15th, 2013 by in Teachers Corner, Yoga

Every year, we look forward to supporting the ecstatic festival that is Wanderlust. The chance to be in the Vermont hills—soaking up the mountain energy, reveling in yoga immersion, and communing with our peers and community members, is a high time of the year.

1. Community: Wanderlust brings so many different people together, and we love getting to hoop, hike, slack, dance, and practice yoga and meditation with such an eclectic mix of folks. Having the opportunity to converge with friends and family, and forge new connections, makes the experience that much more potent. There’s something inspiring about practicing in large groups, and being in a big tent with 300 people in total silence during Savasana can be quite powerful.

2. Yoga: Wanderlust is known for bringing together a dynamic group of teachers who offer skillful, playful workshops that totally get you moving, breathing, and experiencing your body in whole new ways. Each event features an incredible lineup of presenters. Here are a few of our faves (Kripalu teachers included, of course): Schuyler Grant, Seane Corn, Elena Brower, and, Kripalu Faculty members: Coby Kozlowski, Larrissa Hall Carlson, and Jennifer Reis.

3. Music: Powerful things happen when yoga and music converge. We offer noon dance every day at Kripalu, and having the space to let go and throw yourself into deep movement can be a huge emotional and physical release—not to mention an energizer! At Wanderlust, there’s always an amazing array of artists including Moby, MC Yogi, Michael Franti, Nahko and Medicine for the People, and Beats Antique, that enhance your Sun Salutations with their sweet sounds. Seeing glowing Hula-Hoops at night is an iconic image from Wanderlust—the perfect visual to encapsulate the magical vibes in the big tent at night.

4. Speakeasy: One of the things we admire about the festival is the commitment to social awareness that permeates Wanderlust programming. Wanderlust’s Speakeasies feature articulate speakers who share their stories of environmental activism, social justice, personal revolution, and cultural awareness. Here are a few we’ve loved.

5. Adventure: Wanderlust at Stratton is definitely conducive to adventure! We’re looking forward to a number of jaunts this year: hiking with Tim Walsh, standup paddle boarding, and escaping to our favorite waterfall just down the road from the main event. Being in beautiful southern Vermont and enjoying this lush landscape is not to be missed!

We hope to see you there. Come by the Kripalu booth and visit us!



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