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Insights on conscious living and holistic principles.

The Richness of Real Life: Creating Ease Every Day

by Janet Arnold-Grych It’s easy to think that Kripalu isn’t representative of “real life.” Many of us are able to leave responsibility at the door when we come here, and find an ease that eludes our minds and muscles when we’re back home, in the unceasing flow of schedules and to-do lists. But when I […]

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Posted on September 7th, 2015 by in Conscious Living, Inner View, Life Lessons, Wake-Up Call

Time Affluence: Why Doing Less Makes Us Happier

by Kim Childs Recently, I returned early from a weekend trip to Cape Cod because my traveling companion had a Sunday appointment. While I typically stay on the Cape as long as possible and come home to jump right into the work week, this time I had a whole afternoon and evening to use as […]

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Posted on August 31st, 2015 by in Conscious Living, Healthy Living, Words from the Wise

Seven Reasons Why I Practice Self-Care

by Renée Peterson Trudeau I was recently at a dinner party and found myself in a corner with a heart surgeon, discussing the concept of self-care. Like many in the health care field, she saw self-care as something you should do for your physical health—exercise, eat well, get enough sleep. But that’s where her definition […]

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Posted on August 26th, 2015 by in Conscious Living

A Ritual for Shedding the Past

by Alberto Villoldo In the southern hemisphere, home of the earth-based traditions of the Andes, the Southern Cross constellation occupies a prominent place in the psyche, as well as in the sky. The four stars in the Southern Cross orient the stargazer and symbolically reflect the progression through the four stages of the Medicine Wheel […]

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My Year as a Spiritual Gangster: A Step Forward, a Step Back, and an Apology

by Lisa Lampanelli Lisa Lampanelli is a professional comedian, writer, and actor who lives primarily in New York City. She began to call Kripalu her second home in mid-2014, when a family crisis led her on a quest to bring new meaning into her life. Since then, Lisa has attended programs and R&R Retreats at […]

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Why Getting Outside Is So Good For You

by Bess Hochstein I took a new job in California this year, and one of the best perks is the location of the company’s headquarters. The office sits in an old apple orchard, and every day, from my desk on the second floor, I watch a steady stream of my colleagues strolling along a path […]

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I Love Me, I Love Me Not: The Practice of Unconditional Self-Love

by Kim Childs In June, I gave myself a 30-day challenge to look in the mirror each morning and say, “I love you.” It seemed like a simple practice. But as the saying goes, simple does not always mean easy. I’d heard about this exercise from author Louise Hay, who advocates positive self-talk and affirmations […]

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Posted on August 5th, 2015 by in Conscious Living, Life Lessons, Words from the Wise

Aging as A Spiritual Catalyst

by Janet Arnold-Grych Joseph Campbell suggested that it’s not the meaning of life we seek as much as “the rapture of being alive,” the ability to experience life in all its richness and depth. As we age, a natural pivot occurs. We are drawn to look inward, to assess our experiences, actions, and impact. Have […]

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