Inner View

Get to know the people who make Kripalu such a unique place though these personal stories.

Posted on July 20th, 2015 by in Conscious Living, Creative Corner, Inner View

Writing as a Mirror of the Self

by Dominique Christina What is it about writing that fuels an appropriate reckoning? For me, writing is a meditation. It is a form of self-expression that, when engaged deliberately, offers a way in to the parts of yourself that you are, perhaps, unaware of. Writing also asks us to grapple with and have an intentional […]

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Stop Performing, Start Experiencing

by Peter Bregman The night before our wedding, Eleanor and I stood awkwardly in the center of a large room, surrounded by our family and our closest friends. There was no particular reason to be uncomfortable; this was just a rehearsal. Still, we were in the spotlight and things weren’t going smoothly. Neither the rabbi […]

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My Year as a Spiritual Gangster: A Voice from Long Ago

by Lisa Lampanelli Lisa Lampanelli is a professional comedian, writer, and actor who lives primarily in New York City. She began to call Kripalu her second home in mid-2014, when a family crisis led her on a quest to bring new meaning into her life. Since then, Lisa has attended programs and R&R Retreats at […]

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