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Room Options

Kripalu offers you simplicity and comfort. In the tradition of retreat-style housing, our accommodations are designed to support your program experience, without the distraction of televisions, telephones, etc. We offer a range of housing options that enable a wide variety of people to participate in our programs. Room costs appear on each program page.

Accommodations at Kripalu are in the main building, Shadowbrook, and our new environmentally green Annex, still just a short walk away from everything.

Standard Plus Rooms (includes the Annex)
These rooms are perfect for those who want a real retreat. The rooms include simple décor, a queen-size bed, or twin beds. Some rooms are situated near hall bathrooms, while others include a private bath. All rooms in the Annex come with a private bath.

Standard Rooms
These simple, peaceful rooms are a great midrange option. They measure 8’ x 12’ and include a queen-size bed or platform twin beds. Hall bathrooms are nearby.

Note We have a limited number queen-size beds for the above rooms; please register early to ensure bed choice.

These accommodations provide an opportunity to meet people from all over. The dorms allow for 5–22 people per room, and offer simple bunk beds and nearby hall bathrooms. Each dorm bed comes with your own alarm clock, reading light, and a safe to store valuables. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee lower bunks. If you cannot use an upper bunk please choose another type of housing. Dorm housing sells out quickly; please register early.

Show Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Standard and Standard Plus rooms?

Standard rooms are slightly smaller in size, with a sink, a mirror, and twin-sized beds. Shared bathrooms, with showers, are down the hall. The rooms are “Zen-like”/simple, with a dresser and space to hang clothes. When you arrive, you will find the blankets and sheets folded on the bed and ready to be made.

Standard Plus rooms with hall bath all look out over the lake and are all in the central main corridor, so the views are spectacular. Standard Plus rooms with private bath each have either lakeside or forest views.

Standard Plus rooms are more spacious than Standard rooms, and you’ll find the beds already made, including a bedspread and a throw blankets on the bed. Standard Plus rooms also have more décor than the Standard rooms (artwork on walls, painted walls) and more furniture.

Do all Standard Plus rooms come with a private bath?

No. In the main Shadowbrook building, there are Standard Plus rooms with private baths and Standard Plus rooms with hall baths. All of the rooms in the Annex are Standard Plus with private baths.

Why is there a price range for the Standard rooms?

Standard rooms with lake views cost slightly more. Rooms without lake views cost less. The actual cost of a Standard room will depend on the location you choose. All Standard rooms have a hall bath.

We also offer value Standard rooms, which are the same size and look the same, but do not have views and are in slightly less desirable locations (for example, next to a stairwell or bathroom or overlooking a parking lot).

Do guest rooms and program rooms have air conditioning?

Most of our rooms do not have air conditioning. All rooms have windows that open.

Do rooms come with Wi-Fi access?

The rooms in the Annex are equipped with Wi-Fi. In the Shadowbrook building, Wi-Fi is available in the Cafe. There are no public computers.

Can I use my cell phone in my room?

Many guests choose to leave their cell phones at home or in their cars in order to support their experience of retreat. If you do bring your cell phone, Kripalu offers specific places for their use and asks that you not use them in public spaces. You can use your cell-phone in your room if you are alone or it does not bother your roommate. Cell phones may not be used in dorm rooms.

There are several payphones in the main Shadowbrook building.

What should I bring?

Bedding, towels, and an alarm clock are provided in each room. We also provide blankets, yoga sticky mats, ties, and yoga blocks for yoga classes.

What to bring:
Comfortable clothing for yoga and movement
Slip-on shoes for indoors and shared bathrooms
Walking/hiking shoes for outdoors and hiking trails
Sneakers for Fitness Room and fitness classes
Hair dryer, if you use one, as well as shampoo and toiletries
Water bottle, sunglasses, hat, and sunscreen
Winter: snowshoes or cross-country ski equipment
Summer: bathing suit, water shoes, and towel or sheet for lakefront beach

Note The sauna is bathing suit optional (sex-segregated).

Room & Meals Prices

Each program page includes the tuition and accommodations fee for that program. The accommodations fee includes all your meals, daily yoga classes, non-ticketed evening events, and the use of Kripalu’s facilities (fitness room, trails, labyrinth, sauna, etc.)

You can determine the price of your stay by selecting the register button from your program page and choosing your accommodations.

For R&R Retreat pricing, see the R&R Retreat page.

For the Kripalu Schools of Yoga and Ayurveda, visit the individual schools’ web pages.

Please contact Registrations for availability and pricing of family accommodations.