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Kripalu Yoga and Kripalu YogaDance®

Choosing your Kripalu Yoga class…

Classes are led by some of our best and most seasoned teachers. We offer different paces for varying levels of yoga practice. Find the class that’s right for you. In every class, you are encouraged to adapt your practice for your needs.

Beginner Yoga
Beginner yoga is accessible and enlivening. You’re guided through foundational postures such as Mountain, Warrior, and Downward-Facing Dog, and practice breathing techniques aligned with movement. Expect clear instruction and a steady pace. This class is perfect for anyone starting out their yoga journey, as well as for those looking to revisit the fundamentals.

Gentle Yoga
Gentle yoga classes are meditative, fluid, and soothing, suitable for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. You experience slow movements to warm the body and release muscular tension, breathing techniques to calm the nervous system, and simple postures to build stability.

Intermediate Yoga
Intermediate yoga classes explore the balance between effort and ease. The aim of this class is to strengthen the body by sustaining more challenging postures at a moderate pace and developing mental focus through meditation and breathing practices. This class is ideal for those with an existing yoga practice, though newcomers who feel fit and strong are also welcome.

Vigorous Vinyasa
Vigorous Vinyasa offers graceful, powerful sequences that encourage you to explore your edge. This class is designed around Sun Salutations, and requires a keen sense of body awareness and enough familiarity with yoga to modify as needed. Vigorous Vinyasa is ideal for those interested in a strong, athletic practice, as well as for those ready to experience a challenging flow.

Kripalu YogaDance®

Offered daily, Kripalu YogaDance® is a low-impact aerobic experience that blends stretching, yoga, and dance. Saturday classes feature live drumming.