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Kripalu Yoga and Kripalu YogaDance®

Choosing your Kripalu Yoga class…

Kripalu Yoga classes begin with an invitation to move inward, followed by gentle warm-up movements (pratapana) and finish with deep relaxation. Each teacher brings unique passions, interests, and talents to the practice. The focus of Kripalu Yoga is the development of witness consciousness, enhanced body awareness, and attunement to the movement of prana (life-force energy). You are encouraged to adapt your practice for your needs.

Daily 6:30 am and 4:15 pm
Additional classes are offered on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

July 4–Labor Day
Above daily schedule plus 5:15 pm daily.

Classes are led by some of our best and most seasoned teachers. We offer different paces for varying levels of yoga practice. Find the class that’s right for you.

For beginners and everyone interested in compassionate self-awareness, gentle stretching, and relaxation. The class includes slow warm-ups to soothe the body, basic postures to release muscular tension, simple breathing practices to calm the nervous system, and time for rest and integration. It is appropriate for beginners, individuals needing rest, and is a safer option for people working with limitations.

For everyone interested in balancing the qualities of effort and ease, while holding compassionate self-awareness. The class includes warm-ups, postures to strengthen and stretch the body, breathing practices to awaken and relax the nervous system, and time for integration. This class is appropriate for individuals with some yoga experience, and who are comfortable exploring more intense sensations.

For more experienced practitioners interested in a physically challenging class that develops strength and endurance. This class consists of a wide variety of postures, sequenced creatively, followed by cooldown and deep relaxation. Come prepared to sweat in this high-energy yoga experience.

Kripalu YogaDance®

Offered daily, Kripalu YogaDance® is a low-impact aerobic experience that blends stretching, yoga, and dance. Saturday classes feature live drumming.