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Kripalu Consultations

Health and Wellness | Lifestyle Change

Health and Wellness

Ayurvedic Health Consultation

Address your overall health using the Ayurvedic system, including diet and daily regime tips for your personal constitution (dosha). Eighty minutes allows for more in-depth personal recommendations.
50 minutes: $90; 80 minutes: $145

Ayurvedic Specialist Consultation

Receive an enhanced one-on-one Ayurvedic consultation to address individual health imbalances with our Indian-trained specialist including diet and daily regime for your personal constitution (dosha). Eighty minutes allows for more in-depth personal recommendations.
50 minutes $150; 80 minutes: $205

Nutritional Consultation

Enhance your energy, health, and nutritional wisdom. Personalize your approach to nutrition based on an understanding of your unique needs, health concerns, activity patterns, and lifestyle. Take home a meaningful and realistic guide with practical strategies you can integrate into your life. Phone consultations are also available.
50 minutes: $125; 80 minutes: $190

When it comes to nutrition, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not an expert. But I do know that my eating habits needed a push in the right direction. I was notorious for skipping breakfast in lieu of cup after cup of caffeinated coffee, having take-out for dinner, and indulging in late-night snacking. At the same time, I believe that my body could feel better if I changed the way I ate.

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Kripalu’s Nutrition Consultation is exactly what I needed. Overall, I’m healthy, but I learned that my eating habits were unhealthy, unbalanced, and that over time, disease is a manifestation of that imbalance. My nutritionist outlined the goal of our time together at the start. Her aim wasn’t just to tell me what to eat and what to avoid. She wanted to help me find the path to wellness by using food as medicine.

Through discussion and a short written form I filled out, she was able to speak directly to my current state of health and address my personal challenges. She not only talked about the kinds of foods I might try, but also addressed the emotional context of nutritional imbalance and issues. I admitted that I sometimes eat out of stress or even just boredom. I felt comfortable and supported in my burgeoning desire to eat better—like talking to a close friend.

At the end of the session, I went home with some ideas on how I might change my habits: build a ritual around regular meal times, switch to tea instead of coffee, and of course, eat breakfast. What was most helpful were the materials she gave me to make it happen: a shopping list to stock my kitchen, healthful recipes, and a seven-day sample menu.

The nutritionist also reinforced the importance of taking time to do things for myself, things that bring me joy. Changing my eating habits wouldn’t be an easy task and maintaining personal time to do the things I love can help me cope with the changes.

So far, I’ve started small. I eat breakfast every day and I think more consciously about the meals I create. The consultation left me confident that I can make these changes and stick to them, but I know that if I need the extra support, she’ll be just a phone call away.
—Ashley W., Editor at Kripalu

Digestive Distress

Are you experiencing digestive issues that are making life uncomfortable? Do you have chronic constipation, diarrhea, or heartburn? Work with a nutritionist to identify the source of your digestive problems and develop a meal plan that will allow you to have pain-free digestion and a healthier body overall.
50 minutes: $125; 80 minutes: $190

Private Kripalu Yoga Therapy

True healing occurs when we bring all levels of a person’s being into balance. Yoga therapy focuses on health and wellness on every level: physical, energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Private Kripalu Yoga Therapy is a multilayered experience that brings balance to the body and mind through the use of specially selected breathing exercises, hand mudras, postures, deep relaxation, and meditation.
50 minutes: $100; 80 minutes: $160

Please note Kripalu Consultations are a personalized educational service and not a medical treatment. Although some members of the Healthy Living faculty are licensed physicians, they are serving Kripalu and its guests in an educational versus a clinical or medical capacity. For those desiring to seek health insurance reimbursement, Kripalu is able to provide you on request a statement of the date of your service, type of service, amount paid, and name of service provider. We are not able to provide you with diagnostic codes, service codes, clinical notes, or any other information.

Lifestyle Change

Life Coaching

Are you in transition? Needing to jump start a healthy lifestyle change? In a process of grief and letting go? Life Coaching will help you identify and clarify your goals and create incremental steps that point you in the direction of making your intentions real. Together wit h your life coach, you will develop an action plan that reflects both ways of being (mindfulness) and ways of doing (right actions to take). You will leave the session prepared to be more fully present in the moment—and to move forward in your life.
50 minutes: $80; 80 minutes: $130

I’d never had Life Coaching before Kripalu, but I’ve always known something was missing, so I was excited for the session. I needed to figure out why I was so organized at work and yet in my personal life I was basically the poster-child for procrastination, and even laziness.

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I was nervous as I waited for the meeting to begin, but found myself falling easily into the moment, acknowledging the parts of my life and my habits that I wanted to change and actively identifying ways that I could implement those changes. The session was like having a conversation with an old friend. The Life Coach possessed a genuine interest in my progress and a sincere hope for my success.

The session provides the infrastructure in which you get to watch and observe yourself without judgment; to notice how you feel in relationship to your choices. It was so fulfilling to state my wants out loud; to voice my desire to create more time and spaciousness for myself, put the me back into my life.

The Life Coach provided guidance as I developed lifestyle and habit changes so basic and simple and yet would be such an improvement on my quality of life: get more sleep but wake up earlier, become less “plugged-in” and more mindful of me, organize my personal life just as I do my work life.

The Life Coaching session—and especially the follow-up call a few weeks later—helped me take a plan on paper and put it into action. I’m already feeling more well rested, less stressed during the early part of the day, more relaxed at night knowing I have a routine.
—Ashley W., Editor at Kripalu

Private Kripalu Yoga Instruction

Work one-to-one with an experienced Kripalu Yoga teacher to receive instructions designed for your specific needs. Refine your alignment, design your own sequence, discover posture modifications, experience restorative yoga postures, or learn how to meditate. Experience the benefits of receiving immediate feedback and having your questions and needs regarding yoga met. No previous yoga experience is required.
50 minutes: $75; 80 minutes: $120

Take Kripalu Home Kripalu Healing Arts now offers telephone follow-up sessions for our Nutritional, Ayurvedic Specialist, and Life Coaching consultations. Inquire by calling 888.738.1822.

Healing Arts are available by appointment only.

To schedule Healing Arts services:

While at Kripalu Center, you may schedule a service at the Healing Arts Scheduling Desk, located on the first floor. The desk is open from 8:00 am–7:30 pm Monday through Thursday and Saturday. Fridays, hours are 8:00 am–9:30 pm. Upon availability, appointments are bookable Monday through Friday 11:00 am–9:00 pm; Saturday and Sunday 9:00 am–9:00 pm. Kripalu one-on-one consultants are available Monday through Saturday 9:00 am–6:00 pm.

We recommend that you schedule your Healing Arts services at least one to two weeks in advance of your stay to ensure availability. To book appointments from outside of Kripalu, please call 888.738.1822, seven days a week, 9:00 am–5:00 pm (EST).

Gratuities are not included in the price of your service and are greatly appreciated by our dedicated therapists.

Cancellation Policy You may cancel or change your appointment time up to 24 hours in advance of your treatment. For changes or cancellations less than 24 hours in advance, you will be charged a 50 percent forfeiture fee. If you fail to show up for your treatment, the full charge will apply. Please note Treatment time is not extended for late arrivals; this includes late arrivals due to program presenters running over their scheduled time.

The Healing Arts Department at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health supports health and healing through massage, skin- and body-care, Ayurvedic treatments, lifestyle consultations, and more. Appointments are available for guests taking a program at Kripalu as well as for visitors (who may want to consider a Kripalu Day Pass).