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Kripalu Healthy Living Immersion Programs

Transform your life.

If you are ready to get inspired about your health, have more energy and live more fully, Kripalu's Healthy Living immersion programs are your next step. Taught by leading health, nutrition, lifestyle, yoga, and fitness professionals, these unique programs will help you create positive lifestyle changes that will literally transform your health and life.

CE Credits are available for many programs.

Creating Health and Harmony: An Ayurvedic Retreat Discover a natural, individualized approach to living well.

Detox for Health and Healing A 5-day jump start for healthier living.

Digestive Health: A Holistic Approach Restore your digestive health naturally.

Fitness and Yoga Retreat Yoga cross-training to bring your fitness to a new level.

Gardening Immersion: From Seed to Supper Come unleash your inner farmer, get inspired, and have fun.

Integrative Weight Loss A 5-day immersion for a lifetime of sustainable solutions.

Integrative Weight Loss: The Next Step Build on the principles and skills explored in Integrative Weight Loss.

Nutrition and Cooking Immersion Creating health right in the kitchen.

Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease Five days to heal your heart and circulatory system.

Radiance: Create an Amazing Life after Cancer Dive in and create an amazing life full of healing and joy.

Rejuvenate and Reclaim Life After 40 Crafting a meaningful, passionate, healthy life.

Spring Deep Clean: Eat, Move, Lose! Here is the wake-up call your body needs!

Thrive in Life: Skillful Living with Diabetes Develop the skills you need to take charge of your diabetes and your health.

Transforming Stress: Mindful Living and the Art of Nourishment Address the impact that stress is having on your life.

Women and Food: A Journey to Nourishment A personalized, small-group approach to creating positive change.

Yoga for Life An integrative approach to yoga on and off the mat.