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Yoga on Disc and Tape:
Reviews of new products from KYTA members

Winter 2003

by Tresca Weinstein

Nightingale/Sarah Swersey
If you've been looking for the perfect music to play during relaxation, look no further. Sarah's tranquil, transporting improvisations on solo flute (also ideal for the little ones' bedtime) are based on her own compositions as well as traditional songs, including "All the Pretty Little Horses," "Brahms Lullaby" and "Alef Bais," a Yiddish alphabet song. From the exotic "Mozaique," inspired by a family trip to Israel when Sarah was seven, to the lighthearted "Magical Fish," the 10 tracks are evocative and enchanting. Visit

Gentle Yoga with Jenny Garrison
Suitable for beginners as well as more experienced students looking for a gentle practice, this 70-minute CD offers a comprehensive series of warm-ups, followed by more than half a dozen basic postures. Jenny also introduces gentle breathing exercises, including dirgha pranayama and the sun breath. Her directions, including modifications, are clear and precise, and she encourages practitioners to listen to and "re-establish friendship" with their bodies. E-mail

Bring Yoga Home with Faith Minton
Slip this tape into the VCR when you want a complete yoga practice but don't have a lot of time. In just over 40 minutes, Faith guides a full range of warm-ups and a standing posture flow that moves into Cobra, seated Spinal Twist, nadi sodhana and a closing Yoga Nidra experience. Her calming voice, relaxed style and detailed instructions offer, as she says in her introduction, "an opportunity to become more balanced, present and whole." If you have time to stick around, you'll float away on the additional 10 minutes of soothing music by Soundings of the Planet. E-mail or visit

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