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Kripalu implements new approach to program assisting

Summer 2005

by Tresca Weinstein

Kripalu's new approach to program assisting, implemented this spring, includes the creation of two distinct assistant positions. Production Assistants (PAs) are coordinated and staffed by Kripalu Center through the Kripalu Intern Program. Teaching Assistants (TAs) are coordinated and staffed by presenters.

Production Assistants help with all aspects of program production, working closely with Kripalu's production manager, production team, and presenters. Responsibilities include set-up and breakdown of program room, transport of supplies, audio/visual setup, briefing presenters on facility usage, etc. Production assistants will not remain in the room during the program sessions.

To become a Production Assistant, apply for the Kripalu Intern Program, which has a minimum requirement of two months' participation. The program is designed to help hone professional skills and offer exposure to the inside operations of the organization. Kripalu interns serve 35 hours per week and are supervised/mentored by the Kripalu management team. Dormitory room and board will be provided as well as the opportunity to participate in one weekend program per month of service.

Graduates of the Kripalu Program Assistant Training will receive first preference for interviews for available intern positions. For an application, contact The $50 application fee will be waived for all trained Kripalu program assistants who apply in 2005. The application is held for two years.

Teaching Assistants (TAs) are arranged by individual presenters to assist in the delivery of a program's content. TAs must have specialized skills and/or training in areas including massage, facilitation, and yoga. Presenters are given the opportunity to select TAs from their own student community or from Kripalu's list of trained program assistants, through a database of assistants' contact information and skills. Presenters will contact assistants directly. If you're on the program assistant e-mail list, you will have received information on adding your name to this database.

Additional opportunities for assistants
Previously trained Program Assistants may be needed for conferences and special events at Kripalu, including the KYTA Conference; you'll be contacted about these openings as they arise. As there is already a sufficient pool of trained Program Assistants, no training sessions are scheduled at this time.

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