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Kripalu Yoga Teacher Resources

The following resources from the Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) manual and the Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association (KYTA) will help keep you up-to-date on what is being offered in our yoga teacher training programs and provide you with general support in your career as a yoga teacher. The resources on this page are available to everyone. Resources for KYTA members only can be accessed by signing in below.

Yoga Teaching Resources

  • KYTA Community Forum Join this meeting place of many yoga minds to share insights, ask questions, and empower your practice. It's easy to use and fun to be a part of!
  • Sample Welcome Letter A letter to give to new students at the beginning of a class series.
  • Sample Disclosure Form A letter for students to sign to demonstrate that you have advised them of your credentials and their responsibility for self-care.
  • Press Release for New Yoga Teacher Training Graduates This marketing material can be a great asset to the start of your local yoga teaching interests. Simply modify the document for your needs and submit to your local paper or other publications. Modify the pieces and make them your own. The process is designed to make your life easier!
  • Course Evaluation Form A form to give students in order for them to evaluate the classes/studio and provide feedback.
KYTA Member Resources


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