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March 13–18, 2016 Sunday–Friday 5 nights

Harmonica-Based Mindfulness: Reduce Stress and Play Blues, Rock, and Folk Instantly!

David Harp
David Harp

David Harp, MA, has taught 100,000+ people to meditate and a million more to play harmonica through his workshops and his many books. He holds the world’s record for “Most People Taught to Play Harmonica…
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Program Details

For everyone; no musical or yoga experience needed.

Could you benefit from a unique and joyful way to begin or deepen a mindfulness or yoga practice? What better way to focus on breathing—a basic element of yoga, mindfulness, and many stress-reduction methods—than with the inhalations and exhalations of a catchy rhythm on a harmonica?

In this program, you learn to

  • Play in duets and small groups to build musical, interpersonal, and communication skills
  • Integrate harmonica-based breath focus with asana to enhance vinyasa and create a personalized mindfulness practice
  • Use a HarMantra to short-circuit stress.

Within minutes, you’ll be improvising simple blues and rock. By Friday, you’ll be playing everything from Amazing Grace to amplified jam sessions as you gain accessible and effective mindfulness skills that can be applied anywhere, anytime—with or without a harmonica.

Note Tuition includes two harmonicas, David Harp’s workbook, and a CD.