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May 8–10, 2015 Friday–Sunday 2 nights

Deep Stretching for Tight Bodies and Active Minds

Mimi Solaire
Mimi Solaire

Mimi Solaire, E-RYT 500, TRE, has an eclectic style informed by her training in yoga, dance, performance, the aerial arts, and Trauma Release Yoga. She studies traditional Chinese medicine, including qi gong and tai chi.…
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For all levels.

Learn how to let go of stress, release the issues in your tissues, and open your energy centers. Mimi Solaire’s approach to deep stretching combines Yin Yoga principles (holding gentle poses), Western stretching methods, pranayama (breathing techniques), and meditation to delicately reengage muscles and disengage unhelpful thoughts. You work with both physical and energetic anatomy, and explore trauma-release postures helpful in relieving tension caused by PTSD, surgery, and the cumulative stress of daily life.

Throughout this weekend, you

  • Learn to observe thoughts and emotions that create tension
  • Gain meditative insights into your issues
  • Open doorways to deeper levels of awareness.

Mimi guides the group in practicing “the law of least effort,” working at 80 percent capacity so that everyone is safe. Her gentle, rhythmic practice stimulates muscular, circulatory, and nervous systems, providing a balanced approach to aligning body, mind, and breath.